Sunday, April 15, 2012

Happy Birthday Mama and Christy's craft desk...

Happy 83rd Birthday Mama..May your wish come true!! I LOVE YOU! :) This photo was taken last our house. My Niece's hand went up just as I took the pic.LOL At least it wasn't in front of Mama's face.hehe Today..April 15th is her Birthday! Talk about aging gracefully.:)

Christy bought two lights yesterday for under her cupboards so she would have good lighting while working on her crafts.She use to have the craft table under her big window and had good light coming in. Then she bought two paper holders from Michael's craft store to replace the wire ones.She said no matter how much she tried to organize them in it..they looked messy.(see last post) Jim built her a stand to raise her monitor and printer up and gave her even more storage area under neath.:) She is really happy with the way it turned out. ME TOO!! :)

Thanks for stopping in..:)