Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Christy's Craft Area. :)

This is the corner of Christy's craft area....BEFORE..she got Jim to build some cabinets and shelves for her. :) She was unhappy with everything showing and it looked messy.

This is her craft area now....unfinished ..but very much nicer. Jim built the upper cabinets and shelves first.Christy went to the Dollar Tree and got some coordinating cloth boxes to put some of her craft items in so they won't show. Of course now..she has to remember where she put them.LOL She told me tonight that she has moved the computer and monitor to the middle section.She said she doesn't need a lot of work space and the glass on her desk is 31" long ..from back to front and 34" wide..from side to side.She has painted the bottom of the glass with white paint.:) She has been making her crafts on this glass for a LONG time now. Jim still has drawers and cupboard doors for the desk part to do before he can call it finished.

Christy took this photo today of her window and the "upper" part of her shelving units under the window. I had to lighten the pic cause it was really dark from her taking the photo facing the light coming in her window.She has three shelves including the top shelf of each unit. Coordinating cloth boxes to organize her crafts there too. She didn't take a pic of the whole section ..cause she is still organizing her room and the floor is a mess.shhhh.LOL She bought the white box on the right side today at Jim's store. (Tuesday Morning) to store her markers in.There is a drawer on the front that holds all of her markers. :) When Christy gets completely finished redesigning her craft area..I will try to get a pic of the whole craft area of her room and post it.:)

Sorry I have been MIA for a while. Life has a way of taking over sometimes and when situations change..so do we. KWIM?