Thursday, March 08, 2012

Changed my header.:)

With all the sickness we have had in our house the last week or so..I wanted to change my header back to something that is inviting.SPRING come on!!:) Got tired of seeing those snowflakes!! hehe I went back to the one I had up last year. When I get time and feel more like it..I will make a new one.:)

Well..we finally got over the flu.WOW..that was a rough one!!!!! Jim and Christy are back to work now...and I have been left with a cold....but as my Daddy always said...this too shall pass.:)

Jim and I ventured out yesterday to go to Taco Bell for lunch and then grocery shopping. Jim had been just about to climb the walls from being home bound for so long and not able to do anything but recover. We could tell we had been sick..cause it really wore us out!!! :) I know it seems odd to get Mexican food ( Jim's idea) when you have been sick..but seems to have settled just fine.YAY!

I hope to accomplish a couple of things today and one of them is visiting my friends blogs to see what they have been up to.:) First things first though. Gotta get dressed and make my breakfast dishes and straighten up the house from not being able to do it while sick.OH FUN!!! LOL

I also want to THANK all of you who have left well wishes for us!! So SWEET of you to do that!:)

Huge hugs!