Sunday, January 29, 2012

I had a WONDERFUL day yesterday.My 58th Birthday.:) Jim and Christy had to work the day shift.Christy until noon and Jim until around three thirty or four. Jimmy had worked the night before and slept most of the I was pretty much alone in the house. I had my time with the Lord in the morning and he blessed me with his presence. (He is ALWAYS there..but sometimes he makes his presence KNOWN and it was a wonderful morning for me.) That was my best birthday present!! :)
Jim took me out to eat and Robby and family and my Mom met us there.Golden Corral buffet.mmmm :) Christy went with Jim and me and Jimmy had to work. I won't say bummers...cause I am so happy that our family have kept their jobs all through the slowing economy.Thank you Lord!! :)
I got some really great gifts.:) Jim got me a new printer.My older one kept losing wireless connection and it was frustrating to have to delete and reload it every time I wanted to use it. We gave the older one..which was a really nice one to Christy cause she can just plug it in to her computer and skip the wireless option.:) My new printer is HP Photosmart 7510. From what I have been able (had time to) to print..I am really happy with it. :) I got a new nightgown and journal from Christy. She knows I write our experiences with the Lord and the things he has been teaching us down in a journal..which has really become handy for when I might forget something and want to look through for remembrance.:) Robby and Liz got me a Top 50 praise songs CD package.It has three disks in it and there are some of my favorite songs on it.All of them are great..but I do have my favorite ones.:) Mama gave me one of her really nice bookshelves.She didn't need it any more since organizing her home...and a book titled.."I'm Trying To Sit At His Feet..But Who's Going To Cook Dinner?" by Cathy Lechner. Mama said that she's really funny. I also got a small box of Chocolate Mints from Melisa, my DIL's ( Liz) sister.:) AND.....I got a Happy Birthday post and a free heart shape/arrow cutting file from my dear friend Barb (Mrs Miles). Her link is in my sidebar...and you can collect it too if you want it.:) Thank you so much Barb for doing this for me.:) I LOVE YOU!!
I also got several birthday greetings from family and friends on Facebook. I was really surprised at how many.LOL My sister and brother called me to wish me a Happy Birthday.My older brother wished it on FB.. Sooo you can see how blessed I felt ALL DAY yesterday.:) For all of you who hoped it would be a GREAT WAS!!! :) Thank you!!

Huge hugs!!