Thursday, November 08, 2012

Mama's Getting Married!!!! :)

Good morning my friends!!
 I just wanted to share my good news with you.:) My Mama is getting married on Valentine's Day this coming February! Mama is 83 years old and she met her neighbor's Dad who happens to be 81 years old.This will be my Mama's third marriage. She has been a widow twice and the Lord is blessing her again with a WONDERFUL man who lavishes her with LOVE. He doesn't seem to be able to do enough for her.Always trying to show her how much he really LOVES her. She told me that she thought Valentine's Day would be a good time for them to get married.:) Well..she asked me to make the invitations for her. Hand made...whew..NOW you know where I have been recently.:) Learning to mass produce my cards.LOL I finally got fifty of them folded and cut to size and now all I have to do is decorate them and add the invitation to the insides.(after I print them onto Vellum or something similar. This will most definitely take MORE time than the folding and cutting.:) If she needs more than fifty..well..I just might be a bit longer before I am able to catch up with your blogs etc.:) Just want to let you know..that I am still around. Just extremely busy!! Not sure I will be able to even do Christmas cards this year...but it is a HAPPY time for my Mama.:)

 Thanks for stopping in and..I would LOVE to hear from you before you leave.;)



Notes by Nina said...

Sly fox your mama, going for the younger man.:) Congrats Valinda, I wish your mama infinite years of happiness.

Mrs. Miles said...

Here comes the Bride,
You're bursting with PRIDE,
And smiling inside!

Woo Hoo MOMMA, soooo happy for you and the entire family!

♥ Barb

smiekeltje said...

Proud I heard this GREAT news a few days earlier!!!! Again congrats to her!
What fun it must be to make inviatations for your mothers wedding??
Oh, yes, it takes some time, but it's an inspiring job!
Very curious to see the result.
And don;t worry about Christmas cards, you can always send some bought in a store! Everybody will forgive you doing it this year.
Now your mama is the most important.
You will take lots of photos of the married couple on Valentine's day you hear! Just thinking you will have to do another job after their wedding!
Making a photo album of the big day! Oh, that should be marvellous!It should be done with very romantic pages, in a bit pastel colour may be? Oops I am getting carried away again LOL! If you should need help designing pages for it, I will be happy to help, it would be an honour! You just let me know!
Have a wonderful weekend