Sunday, October 14, 2012

Christy's Latest Crochet Project

Isn't this ADORABLE!!? Christy was asked to make a monkey for Zander's 2nd. birthday the end of November. Shhhh!! It's a surprise to both his Mom and him.:) I don't think Melisa keeps up with my hopefully she won't see it until that day.:) I was asked to definitely keep it off of Facebook though. Seems nothing is hidden over there.LOL Christy got the pattern off of
  • Delicious Crochet
  • and his name is Chuck the Monkey. ..Pattern by Paola Navarro.


    smiekeltje said...

    Yes, Chuck the Monkey is adorable!
    I wonder what her next project will be?
    Have to try today to get hold of the owner of the appartment above us, concerning our leak. Jan has figured out where it might come from, but it cannot be fixed by us only. Hopefully we don;t need a plummer for it, because that will shake a lot of money out of our pockets!
    We'll see what will be possible.
    Have a wonderful day,

    Judy said...

    awww he his so cute ....Kristy could I have one toooo. Sorry it has been so long my friend...miss you lots of these days girl we will have to make a card and shock the world your screen saver. Have a great week.