Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Christy's Hooded Jacket for her Monkey.

                   This is the side view of Christy's hooded jacket for her monkey.:) So CUTE!

     Here is the front view.Isn't he CUTE?  Christy said she was thinking of making him some slippers.He will be ALL set for Winter.:)

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Mrs. Miles said...

OH MY GOSHNESS - Hims SOOOO cute! Christy, he's a-dor-a-BLE!!! Does he have a name?

I can't believe all the talents you have - and you USE them!!!

Thanks for sharing (MOM - haha, I KNOW its you!)


VJ's Scrap Room said...

They should have a "like" button on here too. I LOVE your comments for Christy. They make her smile and I LOVE to see her smile. Her whole face lights up.:)


Judy said...

ok Christy ...when will my little guy arrive ...I love him ...could you and mom come visited and give girls are so talented ....have a great weekend.


Notes by Nina said...

He is so cute Valinda, what an adorable little face :)