Friday, August 24, 2012


Just popping in to let you know that Jim's Mom passed away this last Saturday evening. Jim,Christy and I got up early Sunday morning and headed to Central Florida to be there with Jim's Dad and sister during this difficult time. His Mom had dementia/Alzheimer and was in the last stages of it for a while now. She finally went to be with Jesus and the funeral was Wednesday. Jim thought he needed to be back home to go to work today..but when we got home and he called his District Manager.She told him to take time off and don't come back in until Monday.Isn't that SWEET of her?:) He can really use it too. We are all DRAINED at the moment. Mentally and physically. It is really hard to see your loved ones hurting.:( One blessing though...Mom knows who we all are now!!! Praise the Lord!!:) Thanks for stopping in and I pray you will have a wonderful weekend. Be sure to hug your loved ones and tell them that you love them.:) Hugs, Valinda


Judy said...

our prayers are with you and Jim and family ...least she is with Jesus having the time of her life. Glad Jim got extra time off from work to be with you all.

Hugs to all

smiekeltje said...

You all had a very tough time this last week, but Jim's mom is in peace now and can look down onto all of you and protect you from her wonderful world.
Good that Jim got a few days extra from his work, he will need that.

Hug for everyone, take care and relax as much as possible.

Mrs. Miles said...

I'm still huggin you a-distance and praying. Take care, my friend. Miss you lots.

♥ Barb