Tuesday, July 24, 2012

My Friend Freedom

When I had to quit work because of my bad ankle and not being able to stand on it for long periods.Mama convinced me to get a dog to keep me company at home.I decided it had been years since we had had one and where we were renting before (for 6 years) didn't allow pets and it sounded like the right time..since we had bought a home in Georgia and could now have pets again.:) Jim took Christy and me to the Animal Shelter to pick out a puppy. I had asked the Lord to help me to pick out a good one before going and when we got there,there were LOTS of puppies in cages.Some sleeping..some whining,some cowering in corners shaking etc.The one that caught my eyes and heart was the one trying it's very best to claw it's way out of the cage and into my arms.:) She was standing up on her hind legs,clawing at the front of the cage...begging me to pay attention to her. She looked so much like another dog that Jim and I had to reluctantly give up.:( That dog..named Sugar was one of the SWEETEST dogs you could ever find..until Freedom.:) I feel that God replaced the one we loved so much with another one that had the same personality Sugar had. Jim asked me what I was going to name her when we were on our way home from the Shelter. I thought for a couple of minutes and then told him ..."Freedom" ..because she wanted out of the cage so badly..and was finally FREE!.:) Freedom was so smart and so gentle and loving. We have and will miss her tremendously.She was a LOT of fun and filled our hearts with joy.:) Thank you Lord for helping me to find ..just the right puppy for us!!

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smiekeltje said...

Our pets can be so part of the family and when you had them for a long time, there is an empty place when you have to say goodbye to them for ever. But they will always be in our memories.
Freedom had a great life with you and was loved without restrictions.
They are the little miracles of the world.