Tuesday, July 10, 2012

More of the Panarama Farm Market.:)

 Lollipops anyone..name your pic..it's probably here.LOL

 There were several small barrels of  assorted flavors of  Taffy in different sections of the store.

 These pies look so yummy! Fresh made apple is what we were told.mmmmm:)

 This assortment of jarred candies reminds me of those Western movies where the kids run into the grocers and stare at them until the clerk gives them one. Those huge white jaw breakers were over eight dollars a piece. They still had the jar full after I saw the price.LOL

 This is my sister ..Tionie (pronounced...tea on knee.) :) She saw this bag of peanut butter candy and told me that these are the closest she has tasted that reminds her of those peanut shaped, peanut butter filled candies we LOVED as kids.:) mmmm  She was soo excited to have found them.!!

 This is Tionie after she saw the cold apple cider and the mulling packets for hot apple cider. She had to have a couple of those.:)

 Tionie,Mama, Joe and a lady I don't know.(cashier).LOL

Mama wanted a picture of me so I got behind Tionie and put my head on her shoulder..LOL Yeah...that would be me.:)

A few days ago..I almost broke my little toe. I hit the baseboard on my return trip from the trash can to the bathroom sink. It turned dark..and purple ..with a reddish bruise too. OWWIE!!! :( The whole toe bruised and swelled some.It is still bruised ..mostly on the top of my foot where the two toes separated. Yesterday it kept shooting pains into it..like someone stabbing it. The last couple of days when anyone comes close..I tell them.."Don't step on my toe!!!" hehe  They don't even have to be that close.LOL I am more aware now of that little toe than I ever have been.:)  I turned down a shopping trip with Christy the other day because I didn't want to put my shoe on.Now that is SERIOUS!!!LOL

 We are going to dinner and a movie this afternoon and I may wear flip flops.hehe JK

Thanks for stopping in and I sure do LOVE it when you leave some love for me.:)



smiekeltje said...

Poor girl, walking with a hurt toe!!!! Oh, it can really hurt, I know. Nothing much you can do about it, it just takes time to heal.
The rest of the pics of the market place were great! So jealous of you ROFL, it looks like heaven all that different yummie stuff.
Well, Valinda, take care and don;t get yourself in anymore trouble, hahahaha.
Have a lovely dy

Mrs. Miles said...

Hi my friend,

Yay, this is like getting to go on a field trip virtually with you - yep, I see you peekin' out at me from behind your Sis.

What a beautiful name - how did your Mom pick that out, can I have the story huh huh?

This looks like a dangerous place to visit hehe. We will have to starve we-selves before we come to visit you.

The toe thing, OUCH, I've smatched my toes and its like your whole entire BEING radiates from that small digit. Be careful!!!

Thanks for taking us along!