Friday, July 13, 2012

Easter Layouts...finally :)

 I haven't made layouts in SOOO long. I even had to remind myself where certain actions were located on my paint program.LOL This layout is of my dining table and the Easter baskets that were placed there for my Grand kids. Zander included.:) Jimmy oldest son...drew the coloring pages for the kids to color. They LOVE his coloring pages.:) I started these layouts sometime in the last couple of weeks and just finished the third one today.

 Here is a layout with the girls and their Mom. (you can see the back of their Mom's head) and that is Christy in the red T-shirt. They all LOVED coloring the eggs and getting them ready for the adults to hide them.:)
 Carrie..our oldest grand child helped Zander find eggs. I think he was a bit reluctant to part with them.... to place them in the carton.LOL

This is my dear friend

  • Gaye's
  • Easter Hop kit. It is such a CUTE kit and I LOVE making layouts using her designs.:) I haven't finished making the rest of my Easter layouts from this stay tuned...if you would like to see more.:) Please visit my friend Gaye and check out her COOL designs.You will LOVE them!!!

    I know that I had been making cards recently..but my Grand daughters LOVE looking at my scrapbook albums when they come for visits I thought they would enjoy some new pages to look LOVE them too.:)

    Thanks for stopping in.:)


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    smiekeltje said...

    Great to see some layouts from you again.
    I didn't make some for ages, but didn;t make any pictures either.
    Perhaps next week there will be a day to do so, if the weather gets better again.
    At the moment it looks almost like autumn, brrrrrr.
    There are a lot of places on internet where you can download coloring pages for the grandkids.Some very cute ones.

    Here are some links if you like:

    Jan has gone working this morning, so it was early day, LOL. But on the other hand it's nice to have a looong day ahead. May be I'll need to take a little nap in the afternoon, we'll see.
    Have a lovely weekend and thanks for visiting!