Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Happy 11th Birthday Destiny

This is my youngest Grand daughter,Destiny. Today is her 11th birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Destiny. May your wish come true!! See you tonight at the party!!!YAY!!:)

Grandma Johnson.:)

Friday, July 27, 2012

Another SAD day.:(

   Christy's guinea pig,George, died yesterday.:( She took George to the vet and had x-rays done because he had stopped eating and drinking water for several days. They found out that he had a blockage in the intestines and evidently they couldn't do anything about it because they don't do exotic animals. Guinea pigs are really hard to get better after they have become sick. Christy has had several of them and most develop tumors etc and pass away from that.:( It is especially hard on Christy to have both Freedom and George leave us in the same week. We KNOW that God is in control of each and every situation that we go through and are trusting him to walk with us through this time of sorrow.
 I want to thank each of you who have left such sweet comments for us and your kindness is truly appreciated.:) THANK YOU!


Tuesday, July 24, 2012

My Friend Freedom

When I had to quit work because of my bad ankle and not being able to stand on it for long periods.Mama convinced me to get a dog to keep me company at home.I decided it had been years since we had had one and where we were renting before (for 6 years) didn't allow pets and it sounded like the right time..since we had bought a home in Georgia and could now have pets again.:) Jim took Christy and me to the Animal Shelter to pick out a puppy. I had asked the Lord to help me to pick out a good one before going and when we got there,there were LOTS of puppies in cages.Some sleeping..some whining,some cowering in corners shaking etc.The one that caught my eyes and heart was the one trying it's very best to claw it's way out of the cage and into my arms.:) She was standing up on her hind legs,clawing at the front of the cage...begging me to pay attention to her. She looked so much like another dog that Jim and I had to reluctantly give up.:( That dog..named Sugar was one of the SWEETEST dogs you could ever find..until Freedom.:) I feel that God replaced the one we loved so much with another one that had the same personality Sugar had. Jim asked me what I was going to name her when we were on our way home from the Shelter. I thought for a couple of minutes and then told him ..."Freedom" ..because she wanted out of the cage so badly..and was finally FREE!.:) Freedom was so smart and so gentle and loving. We have and will miss her tremendously.She was a LOT of fun and filled our hearts with joy.:) Thank you Lord for helping me to find ..just the right puppy for us!!

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Saying Goodbye to my Dear Friend...Freedom :(

  Today has been a sad day for our family. We had to say goodbye to our dear friend and companion...Freedom. (dog) She was 13 years old this month. She had been having difficulty getting up from a lying down position and she just fell over this morning ...and then she fell down the steps this morning going out to potty and landed on the concrete patio. Did some kind of damage and couldn't walk or stand up on her own. She wouldn't eat or drink anything for us and just laid there whining.:( Jimmy had to carry her to the car and into the vet. One of the hardest decisions I have ever had to make...but I know it was the right one ...for HER!! Rest in peace my friend!! 

Thank you Lord for the many happy years you have allowed us to have with her.She was the BEST!!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

More Easter Layouts..:)

 I know..this one looks familiar.(last post)  I decided to add a frame to the photo. :)

 This is a layout of Ruthie..my Nephew and Niece's daughter (Great Niece)... and Lexi..my middle Grand daughter. It wasn't easy getting great pics when the kids were running to find the eggs. You wouldn't believe how many pics got taken with them as a blur.LOL

This one is of Ruthie...in the background finding an egg and Kai..her little brother..prolly thinking that is the spot to find them.LOL Carrie (oldest Grand daughter) is helping Zander find eggs. He is growing up sooo fast!!:) I added a frame to this one and the one above. The swirly one is Gaye's and in the kit.:) I also used a scalloped shape in my paint program and filled it with Gaye's paper ..to add to the page.

 I know these are more along the traditional kind of scrap booking. But these days..that's about the best I can do with my eyes. I can't sit hours and hours looking at tiny dots (pixels) trying to make sure I got them all when extracting elements etc.:) Personally..I like this kind of scrapping.LOL Good thing huh? :)

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Saturday, July 14, 2012

Another Easter layout :)

This is my middle Grand daughter...Lexi. She was having a blast. I LOVE that smile on her face.:) I am using Gaye's Easter Hop kit for my Easter layouts. I LOVE IT! The egg in the wheel barrel wasn't in it before I made it look like it is.:) I arranged the chicks so they are looking at Lexi.  I also added the alpha to the flags. That was a last minute idea and ...I LOVE the way it turned out. :)You can see Zander running to find eggs in the left background. :)

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Friday, July 13, 2012

Easter Layouts...finally :)

 I haven't made layouts in SOOO long. I even had to remind myself where certain actions were located on my paint program.LOL This layout is of my dining table and the Easter baskets that were placed there for my Grand kids. Zander included.:) Jimmy ...my oldest son...drew the coloring pages for the kids to color. They LOVE his coloring pages.:) I started these layouts sometime in the last couple of weeks and just finished the third one today.

 Here is a layout with the girls and their Mom. (you can see the back of their Mom's head) and that is Christy in the red T-shirt. They all LOVED coloring the eggs and getting them ready for the adults to hide them.:)
 Carrie..our oldest grand child helped Zander find eggs. I think he was a bit reluctant to part with them.... to place them in the carton.LOL

This is my dear friend

  • Gaye's
  • Easter Hop kit. It is such a CUTE kit and I LOVE making layouts using her designs.:) I haven't finished making the rest of my Easter layouts from this year...so stay tuned...if you would like to see more.:) Please visit my friend Gaye and check out her COOL designs.You will LOVE them!!!

    I know that I had been making cards recently..but my Grand daughters LOVE looking at my scrapbook albums when they come for visits ..so I thought they would enjoy some new pages to look at.....plus..I LOVE them too.:)

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    Tuesday, July 10, 2012

    More of the Panarama Farm Market.:)

     Lollipops anyone..name your pic..it's probably here.LOL

     There were several small barrels of  assorted flavors of  Taffy in different sections of the store.

     These pies look so yummy! Fresh made apple is what we were told.mmmmm:)

     This assortment of jarred candies reminds me of those Western movies where the kids run into the grocers and stare at them until the clerk gives them one. Those huge white jaw breakers were over eight dollars a piece. They still had the jar full after I saw the price.LOL

     This is my sister ..Tionie (pronounced...tea on knee.) :) She saw this bag of peanut butter candy and told me that these are the closest she has tasted that reminds her of those peanut shaped, peanut butter filled candies we LOVED as kids.:) mmmm  She was soo excited to have found them.!!

     This is Tionie after she saw the cold apple cider and the mulling packets for hot apple cider. She had to have a couple of those.:)

     Tionie,Mama, Joe and a lady I don't know.(cashier).LOL

    Mama wanted a picture of me so I got behind Tionie and put my head on her shoulder..LOL Yeah...that would be me.:)

    A few days ago..I almost broke my little toe. I hit the baseboard on my return trip from the trash can to the bathroom sink. It turned dark..and purple ..with a reddish bruise too. OWWIE!!! :( The whole toe bruised and swelled some.It is still bruised ..mostly on the top of my foot where the two toes separated. Yesterday it kept shooting pains into it..like someone stabbing it. The last couple of days when anyone comes close..I tell them.."Don't step on my toe!!!" hehe  They don't even have to be that close.LOL I am more aware now of that little toe than I ever have been.:)  I turned down a shopping trip with Christy the other day because I didn't want to put my shoe on.Now that is SERIOUS!!!LOL

     We are going to dinner and a movie this afternoon and I may wear flip flops.hehe JK

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    Monday, July 02, 2012

    Panorama Farm Market

     Friday morning...Mama and her friend Joe, Tionie (my sister) and I went to Elijay,Ga.( an hour or more trip from our town) to get some apples. Joe said he had gone there a few weeks ago to get some apples and they didn't have any yet. Well.. we were informed once we got there that the apples don't come to them until either the end of July..or during August or September. So..Tionie and I got some peaches and mine are ripening on my kitchen counter now.:)

     I always enjoy going into these kinds of markets to see what things they have come up with to can and sell..or try to sell..LOL This is only a small part of the pictures I took while there.:) Mama and Joe are looking over the baked goodies.

     Here's a closer pic so you can drool with me.LOL If you look deep into the pic you will see that the store is larger than you would think.This pic was taken at the front door looking in to the left.

     This pic was taken from the center of the store ..looking towards the back. You can see Joe getting some of his Muscadine (ms) Cider. He said he LOVES it.:) Mama is in the foreground and Tionie is looking the canning section over in the background.

     Here is Joe getting some Apple Cider for Mama. This is on the shelf  behind the Muscadine cider.

     Here is the Bakery where they make all kinds of breads and pies. They had apple -cinnamon bread plus home made apple pies too.I have a pic I will try to post tomorrow of the gorgeous and delicious pies cooling on the baking rack. Mouth watering and I didn't even taste any of them!! I did try a sugar free fried apple pie.Not too bad...for sugar free.hehe

     This is my sister being herself. Isn't she CUTE? LOL See the brooms hanging on the wall? That..plus Tionie drew me into this part of the store.hehe

    This is Mama and Joe looking at Jaw Breakers in glass containers and a couple of ceramic Jungle Monkeys on the top shelf. She said.."Those are us,Joe". Snort! :)

    More tomorrow.:)