Thursday, June 28, 2012

This and That.:)

 Yesterday I showed you the house and our painting of the shutters and door etc. I want to show you the landscaping design that Jim and Robby our youngest son created several years ago.After we first moved into the house. I NEVER tire of it.:) We added the ivy vines around the top of the waterfall a few years ago and it added just the right touch to it.:)

 Here's the waterfall and stream that they created to flow into the pond.(pic below) I added a few critters and they seem to be enjoying the water.LOL It's fun to see "real" birds and bees etc drinking from the stream. We have several Cardinals who come and sing in the tree (not shown..but to the left of the waterfall and shades the area in the afternoons.:) Jim trimmed the hedges the other day and they are really looking NICE!

 I just HAD to show you my Azalea bush that is in the back yard next to the patio. I couldn't believe how full it got and there were still blossoms waiting to bloom. When we first got it..Jim planted it down by the mailbox and it wasn't doing well at all. I asked Jim to plant it in the back yard and it is LOVING it. There is more moisture in the back yard because of  the trees shading it ..not ALL but most of the day.It was getting the afternoon shade from the trees across the street but that wasn't enough evidently.So..may I suggest...if you have a plant that isn't doing well where you planted it..try moving it to another area. :)

 A few months ago I started making our own pizza bread. Well..not my own bread ..but I did assemble it.LOL  Whenever I go to WalMart and they have baked too much bread..they mark it down and I get the bread at a much more affordable price. I take it home ..yeah..gotta get it there before I can make the pizza bread.LOL I cut the bread in half ..both ways.Then I get Ragu homestyle pizza sauce. Spread that on three of the pieces.Because Christy is allergic to tomatoes..I spread butter on her piece and sprinkle garlic on it then I add pepperoni to all of the slices.I cover the top of the bread with pepperoni. Then start adding the other ingredients to them. It depends on what you like on your pizza as to what you put on it.:) I then add the mozzarella cheese and cover it. Sprinkle grated parmesan cheese over the top and then sprinkle oregano over that. Bake at 400 degrees for about fifteen or twenty minutes or 450 degrees for about eight minutes. Make sure you put aluminum foil on the cookie sheet cause that cheese goes wherever it wants.LOL

I forgot to take a pic of the finished pizza bread before we all tore into it.LOL This is Jimmy's piece I saved for him. He had to work. Jim said he loves this more than regular pizza. The bread is crunchy and has a really good flavor to it. I have NO complaints when I make this for supper.:) Oh..I use Jimmy Deans regular sausage on ours. They like that better than the Italian sausage. Be sure to cook it though before you put it on the bread cause it won't stay in the oven long enough to cook before it's done.:)

 I have BIG plans for today. Jimmy wants to go to lunch with me and a movie. He hasn't see the Avengers yet. Jim, Christy and I saw it while he had to work. It's worth seeing it again and spending "quality" time with my first born.:)

Thanks for stopping in again.:)



smiekeltje said...

Yummie, your pizza bread looks delicious! Good idea! I love to have lots of garlic on it, and mozarella, some slices of salami is great too, and mushrooms, well, as you said, put on anything you like.
And yeah, piece of foil or baking paper is needed in the oven, that cheese doesn;t like to stay put on it LOL.
Your azalea looks marvellous. You were right to give it another place. Azaleas like to have a lot of shade and just anhour or two sun. After it's blossom, you let the bloomed flowers on it, (well, I mostly do, cause it is a heck of work to pick them by hand) and don't forget to give it a little cutting trim in autumn somewhere. It seems to like it.
Your water part also looks great! Could be that sometimes you have to cut the ivy down a bit, it can grow tremendously!!
Enjoy the Avengers!
Lovely weekend to you and everybody

Mrs. Miles said...

Hi Valinda,

Your yard and landscaping looks right out of a magazine. Wow. I love how the ivy is in a circle and all the blossoms you coaxed out after moving that shrubbery! Who says plants can't talk? Yours managed to convince you to move it.

I am DROOLING over your pizza bread! Such a simple and delicious idea. Thanks so much for sharing your recipe, I hope I remember the next time at the grocery store.

Will catch up with you soon.

♥ Barb