Thursday, May 31, 2012

Update on porch again.:)

Hi my friends.:)
  Jim took today off of work as a personal try to complete the porch before the rains come in this evening and this weekend.:) We have been working really hard this week and we are still going to need to paint the front door and shutters to match. Any really TALL people want that job? LOL I think we are really going to be happy with it!! We ran out of the color for the door and shutters. (they will match the darker color on the top railings). Guess that will be left for another day. Oh sure looks a lot better and Jim made stairs so we can go down either the stream/pond area or to the driveway. Soo COOL!! I need to clean the brick some too the looks of it.:)
   Thanks so much to those of you who have stopped by and left sweet comments. You really don't know how happy that makes me.:)

Huge hugs,


Judy said...

love the stairs ...neat how you can go one way or you are you hiring Jim out. You have a very awesome man there...well your whole family you must be so proud and you can feel the love for one another awesome. Well my friend have an awesome day and week and weekend.

lots of hugs

smiekeltje said...

That man of yours is a miracle!!!
I LOVE the stairs he made and the colour is very appealing!
Great choice.
When this is all done with, wouldn;t it be time to take some time off concercing big jobs in or around the house LOL?
I guess not, seems your Jim isn;t exactly a person who can do nothing, grin!
Have a wonderful weekend,

Mrs. Miles said...

Hi Valinda,

Your painting is tasteful and makes your stairway look very inviting as well. All the work is definitely worth it, and its so nice that you're doing this for yourselves to enjoy. Hopefully we will get to visit before you need a new coat on it haha.