Saturday, May 12, 2012

Checking in again.:)

Hi friends!!:)
  Jim has my computer back up and running ...but...I am still finding things that need to be installed in order for me to use it like I did before.:)
  Life has become quite busy for us lately. We are trying to catch up on things around the house. Inside and out. I will try to post a few things off and on ..but my priority for now is to get those "to do" things crossed off of my list as soon as possible. We are doing fine..just busy.:)

   Happy Mother's Day tomorrow. Hope you and your families have a WONDERFUL weekend.:)

Huge hugs,


smiekeltje said...

Happy Mom's day!
At times life gets a bit in the way, urging you to do things that are for shorter or longer time on that to do list LOL! Then it's necessary to tackle them. Well, don;t do too much in short time, a little break can do lots of good too LOL.
Great to hear you have the computer running again.
Keep us posted now an then about your progress of the "to-do"list, grin!
Have a wonderful day

Notes by Nina said...

Great to hear that your computer is alive and kicking again. I find that the beautiful spring weather we are having keeps me busy.