Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Busy days!! :)

 Last week Jim made some drawers for our "pan cupboard". It had been getting difficult to get down on my knees and get back up after searching the back of the cupboard for "just the right pan" I was needing. I had to resort to Jim getting them for me lately. It didn't take long for him to decide I needed drawers to be able to pull them out and reach the back without him having to help me.hehe Don't get me wrong..he is always more than happy to help..but he is getting slower at the bending and reaching too.LOL  I had seen something similar in a magazine and wanted them for a while now. Jim has some project or other going ALL the time. He LOVES working with wood and building things. All I have to do is suggest something and he is already figuring out dimensions and cost on paper.:) I am extremely happy with these drawers!! ONE of the best things he has done..along with the pantry...our entertainment center in the living scrapbook cabinet..what not shelves..and our cabinet where we hang coats, etc at our entry into the house. You already saw Christy's craft area. Jim and Christy made that whole thing!!! :) I am soo blessed to have a man that can do all these things while at the same time..loving me with ALL his heart!!:) P.S. He already had the materials for these drawers in his shop from previous it didn't cost a thing this time around.:)

These pics are of our new front porch. Jim and Christy are building it together. Christy knew it was needing done.( sixteen years of weather can really take it's toll on wood.) The porch was slowly falling apart and getting a bit scary. The railings were wobbly and the wood was dry and cracking.She actually PAID for the materials!!!..went with Jim to get them and bring them home..then stayed outside and helped him the whole time..except today..cause she had to work.:) I am soo PROUD of my baby girl!! She is a "giver" for sure! Thank you Lord for letting me borrow her for a while..She is yours first!!! :) We dedicated each of our children to the Lord when they were babies!!:) I couldn't ask for any better younguns!!:) Thank you Christy!!!! I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!  Jim is down in his wood shop today making the railing etc for it. Mama offered to help paint it when it is done. SWEET!!!! :) I am truly BLESSED!!!! Thank you LORD!! :)

 If you wonder where I have been since Jim got my computer fixed..well..these pics should tell you some of it. Christy and I went shopping some when Jim was working. I helped Jimmy clean and organize his room yesterday and helped him with his laundry and three loads of Jim's and mine too..fixed breaded pork chops and cooked cabbage seasoned with bacon strips and salt...Steamed carrots in my steamer and had some wild rice to go with them. The wild rice was in a packet..already cooked and all I had to do was open the packet and microwave for 90 seconds. Everyone here loved it!! Sometimes you have to do things the quick way..especially after a LONG day of cleaning etc.:)Then I cleaned up the mess I made and QUIT for the day.hehe

  I WILL get by to see you soon. :)



Suzi said...

That is so great that you have such a wonderful husband and daughter! I love what he did with the pan slide out, and the porch looks wonderful!
Hugs, Suzi

smiekeltje said...

Splendid job from Jim, those drawers for the pans! You have a golden husband and daughter too!
The new porch will be looking smashing when it's finished.
Just was thinking it was about time to leave you a little word and see, I saw your post this morning! All fitted right together.
I remember my father also loved working with wood and was about the same as your Jim, always making something that my mother suggested. Sometimes on a daym that people could put all kind of things on the street and the city would pick it up to get rid of it, my mom, dad and I went for a walk around in the neighbourhood and often came home with beautiful wooden planks, or old doors and that, and then my father used it for something. Cheap, and fun too!
And you're right, on busy days like you had, it's great that we can have a meal from already pre-cooked stuff, just warm it up and ready! I do that too at times, or a day before I make a meal double portion, so I only have to heat it again in the oven. Like a stew with potatoe mesh, or such things.
Well, think we are going for a walk later this morning, the weather looks to be wonderful for it.
Have a great day and fantastic weekend,
Greetings to everybody, big hug for you!

Mrs. Miles said...

Hi Valinda,

What a talented family you have, and all of it dedicated to helping and giving - a blessing unto the Lord.

Love the cupboard ideas and the patio looks lovely. We will sit and have coffee there if the weather is nice when we come, right?

I wish I could hug your Christy. She's a gem.

Thanks for sharing and showing and the cabbage sounds yum.


Notes by Nina said...

What a fabulous idea with pan drawer, mine is at an angle and I almost have to crawl inside to fine what I need :). The front porch looks fantastic too.

Judy said...

awesome drawers ...when did you say you were sending Jim up here to help Bare out ...he is just making new cabinets for the kitchen. Your porch looks awesome ...have a great week.