Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Still fixing my computer.:(

  First I want to THANK those of you who have taken time to leave a comment for me. I SOOO appreciate it.:) THANK YOU!!

  I just wanted to pop in to update you on my computer woes.LOL  Jim tried putting the operating system on his older hard drive but when it got finished loading...the drive was practically full. So...we went out yesterday to get one a bit bigger....but first ...we started our day..going to McDonald's for sausage,egg, and cheese biscuits,hash browns,coffee and orange juice. I haven't had that in a longgg time.:) Then we took the to our mechanic friend. He has an inspection station in his shop. It passed the test..yay! We then took the van up the street to another shop that had ordered a motor and switch panel for it we could open the back right window.(It wasn't working).They found out it was the switch and not the he just had to change out the switch panel. So..our second item on our list for the day was accomplished and it only took a couple of minutes.:) Then..we headed to the Big Lots down the way from the shop. Okay...I went in to get some cranberry juice and to look around some.I started putting stuff in the cart..Jim added to it and before we left..we had spent close to $45.00.:/  Fortunately..we hadn't been shopping like that for a while.Jim has been tied up building Christy's craft area and we had been cleaning and organizing on his vacation.

We didn't stop after the Big Lots.:) We headed towards the tag office so we could get our new tag for the van. Got it...then headed to Orr tires. Got two new ones cause the ones on the van when we bought it were really needing replaced. We feel much safer now.:) Then..we headed towards Micro Center (computer store) to get the hard drive. By this time it was getting lunch Jim pulled into the Kentucky Fried Chicken so we could eat again.Then we went to Micro Center.(computer store) Got the hard drive...left there and headed towards the house.Traffic gets plain AWFUL in the afternoons.Folks coming home after work.(Atlanta interstate traffic).:/ We were closer to home when we took our next to last stop.Walmart!! :) Last stop..home sweet home!!:) I was exhausted after all that running around and me not use to for supper I fixed grilled ham and cheese sandwiches using french bread.mmmm Then I opened a couple of cans of Chunky Chicken soup and heated them up to go with them.Fast supper ..which I really love!!hehe Watched TV for most of the rest of what was left of the evening. Mostly the DIY channels. HGTV etc   We did watch the new Mansions show they had been advertising all month. Did any of you see it? The first guy has a train and tracks going around his property you see in theme parks.Small but working just fine. He even had a small area that had a small zoo. A library three or four times the size of our local one. He has an original King James Bible in it. He allows students from the local Christian school to check out books. It's all on the computer.:)
  Well...after cleaning the kitchen  and getting coffee ready to turn itself on in the morning.I hit the bed.Jim was in the office installing the operating system on the new drive.Tiredness got to him too... isn't ready for me to use it yet..oh well..I still have papers to sort!LOL

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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Good morning :)

  I just wanted to pop in to let you know that my main hard drive in my computer stopped working. It said it had an error and evidently it was a BIG one..cause no matter what Jim tried to get it working just wouldn't cooperate.:( We went to Best Buy yesterday and got a new one.Jim installed the operating system on an old drive he had and the new drive will be for my data/file storage.That way..hopefully if the main drive goes kaput again..I will still have my info.:) I lost quite a bit on the drive..but I usually have backed up files on cd disks.Will check those out soon..but not today.:)
  If you don't see me around for a's cause I am concentrating on other things at the moment. Today..I am gonna clean my closet out.Yesterday Jim cleaned the office closet out while looking for a certain wire...which....btw..he never found.:) That closet looks nice now though. He got rid of three computer towers he said were no good. Several floppy disks that he had saved from the Amiga computer he had from the 1990's.Yeah..a big box of useless disks.What can I say?LOL I did save the ones I can use on my computer though. We had a camera a few years back that used floppy disks in them. I saved all of those.Gonna make sure I copy them to cd's.:) Not today though.LOL Everything seems to go a lot nicer when you are organized and can actually find what you are looking for in less time than before. Cept that elusive wire Jim was looking for.hehe

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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Happy Birthday Mama and Christy's craft desk...

Happy 83rd Birthday Mama..May your wish come true!! I LOVE YOU! :) This photo was taken last our house. My Niece's hand went up just as I took the pic.LOL At least it wasn't in front of Mama's face.hehe Today..April 15th is her Birthday! Talk about aging gracefully.:)

Christy bought two lights yesterday for under her cupboards so she would have good lighting while working on her crafts.She use to have the craft table under her big window and had good light coming in. Then she bought two paper holders from Michael's craft store to replace the wire ones.She said no matter how much she tried to organize them in it..they looked messy.(see last post) Jim built her a stand to raise her monitor and printer up and gave her even more storage area under neath.:) She is really happy with the way it turned out. ME TOO!! :)

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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Update to Christy's Craft area.:)

Christy's Craft Area almost finished!!! Doesn't it look GREAT?:) Jim made the cabinets and shelves above her desk and then the desk with the drawers and cupboard doors.Christy helped when she could.She bought the materials herself. :) Christy painted the cupboards white and stenciled butterflies on the drawers.:) She even put the knobs on the doors and drawers.Christy bought three small white shelving units (shown under her window) and bought some cloth boxes to hide her supplies in and to make the whole area uniform. She has plans on covering the plastic drawers..shown in white under her window..with a coordinating color to the cloth boxes.The black cloth thingy in the lower right corner is her bed.:) She has been working on the shelving unit on the left side of the pic and it is really looking COOL in her room now.:)
The cage you see just to the left of the center of the room houses her guinea pig...George.hehe She got him when he was a baby and he has really grown since then.:) This pic only shows half of her room. She has a basement bedroom and it goes from the front to the back of the house.I won't show you the other half yet. :) can't make me.LOL

I just want to catch you up with the happenings of this week. Jim is on vacation from his job. Not..from home evidently.:) He has been catching up on all the things he has been wanting to get done around here and had no time to do it. Here is a list of what has been done so far the last few days.
Jim's vacation started Friday afternoon. He worked on Christy's desk Friday evening and Saturday morning.Then Jim and I worked on our new/used van the rest of Saturday.

Jim's truck broke the timing belt over a week ago. We had to make a decision on whether to replace the motor..since the valves in his kind of truck bend when the timing belt brakes..that means a new or refurbished engine and that would have been well over a thousand dollars to purchase let alone the labor to install it. We had been discussing for months now on whether to get a van or not ...cause we sure could use one when the four of us go places together.Jimmy's little car will hold four and is a four door..but we feel cramped when all of us get in it. Christy's car is a two door and someone is always having to climb in and out ..which isn't easy for any of us.:) Soo we decided to see how much they would give us for the truck as a trade in on the previously owned van. Fortunately..we are friends with the man who was selling the van and we made a deal with him. So..the second day of Jim's vacation.Jim took the seats out of the van and cleaned the carpet and seats with our shampooer.( one of our better investments..I must say). I helped clean all the vinyl.:) It took most of the day for us to clean the whole inside of the van...seats and vinyl and to put the seats back in and then shine it up.etc.

The next day ( Sunday)...Jim decided to have Jimmy mow the yard while he weed eated the yard and trimmed hedges.I spent the day cleaning and preparing for a cookout.This was Easter Sunday and we had several family members come to our house for a hamburger/hotdog cookout later in the afternoon with an Easter Egg hunt for the kids afterwards.After that..some stayed for a bible study while others left for home.It was a really full day and Robby and family left around ten p.m.

Monday..Jim decided to start cleaning the garage / workshop out. It was an all day job too!!! Whew!! Wipes hand across brow.LOL We have a two car garage and one side is his workshop and the other side is storage area with a small pool table in the middle. It gets all kinds of stuff piled on it matter how often we tell everyone NOT to put stuff on it.KWIM?:) We had a huge pile of stuff to take to the dump and some to give away. Jim got up yesterday (Tuesday) morning and had Jimmy help him get a uhaul pick up truck and came back to the house.We piled it as full as we could ( it was able to hold all the stuff we wanted to take off) YAY...and Jim and Jimmy took the stuff to the dump. Then they dropped the Uhaul truck back off and got the van to take it to the shop to put a window motor in the one side that didn't work. The shop ordered the wrong size and now the right one is on order...along with a switch...just in case that is the problem and not the motor.Jim came back home..and Christy asked if we could go to the Texas Roadhouse Steakhouse for supper.So we three...Jimmy had to work....went there for supper last night. Came home and collapsed in front of the TV for the rest of the evening. Me?...zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz..and went to bed at ten p.m. Which is early for us.hehe
Today..we got up..ate cereal and now Jim is shampooing the carpets..which really really need to be done!!! Been needing it for a while now.:) Everything is looking soo good...I sure hope we can keep it that way.:)

Thanks for stopping by and if you got this far reading...thank you so much for taking that time with me.:)

Have a WONDERFUL day my friends!!

Sunday, April 08, 2012

Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Christy's Craft Area. :)

This is the corner of Christy's craft area....BEFORE..she got Jim to build some cabinets and shelves for her. :) She was unhappy with everything showing and it looked messy.

This is her craft area now....unfinished ..but very much nicer. Jim built the upper cabinets and shelves first.Christy went to the Dollar Tree and got some coordinating cloth boxes to put some of her craft items in so they won't show. Of course now..she has to remember where she put them.LOL She told me tonight that she has moved the computer and monitor to the middle section.She said she doesn't need a lot of work space and the glass on her desk is 31" long ..from back to front and 34" wide..from side to side.She has painted the bottom of the glass with white paint.:) She has been making her crafts on this glass for a LONG time now. Jim still has drawers and cupboard doors for the desk part to do before he can call it finished.

Christy took this photo today of her window and the "upper" part of her shelving units under the window. I had to lighten the pic cause it was really dark from her taking the photo facing the light coming in her window.She has three shelves including the top shelf of each unit. Coordinating cloth boxes to organize her crafts there too. She didn't take a pic of the whole section ..cause she is still organizing her room and the floor is a mess.shhhh.LOL She bought the white box on the right side today at Jim's store. (Tuesday Morning) to store her markers in.There is a drawer on the front that holds all of her markers. :) When Christy gets completely finished redesigning her craft area..I will try to get a pic of the whole craft area of her room and post it.:)

Sorry I have been MIA for a while. Life has a way of taking over sometimes and when situations do we. KWIM?