Monday, January 02, 2012

Jim's Christmas present from Christy.:)

Jim is opening one of the drawers and taking a peek.:)

Here is Jim's CHRISTmas present from Christy.:) It's a remote control box!! As you can see..she made several small drawers to hold things we may want to store in them. Pens..3D glasses etc.There is a long drawer on both Jim and my side of the box...and three drawers on the front (see the small drawer pulls ?) There's a metal chain going across the front ..under these drawers.The part on the back is for the remote controls to sit in (upright position). I just LOVE the paper she used for it too!!:) Christy custom fitted it to the table Jim made .There is a black lamp stand attached to the table and Christy even fitted the box to go around it. SOO COOL!!:)

Thank you ALL for the lovely comments you are leaving for Christy and me.:) We sure appreciate your doing that. It's really a great encouragement to us!!

Yesterday the family (Robby and his family,Mom,Tionie ( my sister) my niece and nephew and their kids...came over to eat our traditional New Year's dinner. Ham,black eyed peas, sweet potato souffle',collard greens and cornbread. I also made some Kraft mac and cheese for those who don't like black eyed peas.(mainly the kiddos!!) I did it the easy way since my back is still needing a bit of recovery.:) I had Jim put the ham in the oven for me and take it out to carve it when ready. I used seasoned (canned) collard greens instead of cooking up a bunch ..fresh. The black eyed peas cooked up in a short amount of time and the sweet potato souffle' was just a matter of mixing the ingredients together and placing them in a pan and baking them for 45 min to an hour. Then adding mini marshmallows to the top and browning them under the broiler.:) I used throw away plates and cups and even forks ,spoons and knives.( easy peasy.LOL)Oh..and paper napkins too!!hehe After some of the family ate and said their goodbyes..Robby and his family stayed to help take down and put in boxes the CHRISTmas decorations and then put my regular decorations back up. It sure helped!! Yay Family!! :) Mom is coming over today to help me give the house a good this is a great start to the New Year for me.:) Next week..we start the January birthdays........

Thanks for stopping in..I LOVE your visits!!



Notes by Nina said...

Happy New Year Valinda, it looks like Christy gifted some wonderful hand crafted items. They look stunning. It sounds like you had a fantastic New Years Dinner :)

Mrs. Miles said...

Hi Valinda,

I'm in awe of Christy's boxes - you really need to get that travelling craft trailer haha! I admire a mind like hers (and Miles) that can think in 3d, its a real stretch for me. I often wake at 3 a.m. when I finally figure it out.

Thanks so much for sharing all of both of your wonderful talents.


febe said...

Hi Valinda! This one is an awesome gift. The hand craft is pretty amazing.

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