Sunday, January 29, 2012

I had a WONDERFUL day yesterday.My 58th Birthday.:) Jim and Christy had to work the day shift.Christy until noon and Jim until around three thirty or four. Jimmy had worked the night before and slept most of the I was pretty much alone in the house. I had my time with the Lord in the morning and he blessed me with his presence. (He is ALWAYS there..but sometimes he makes his presence KNOWN and it was a wonderful morning for me.) That was my best birthday present!! :)
Jim took me out to eat and Robby and family and my Mom met us there.Golden Corral buffet.mmmm :) Christy went with Jim and me and Jimmy had to work. I won't say bummers...cause I am so happy that our family have kept their jobs all through the slowing economy.Thank you Lord!! :)
I got some really great gifts.:) Jim got me a new printer.My older one kept losing wireless connection and it was frustrating to have to delete and reload it every time I wanted to use it. We gave the older one..which was a really nice one to Christy cause she can just plug it in to her computer and skip the wireless option.:) My new printer is HP Photosmart 7510. From what I have been able (had time to) to print..I am really happy with it. :) I got a new nightgown and journal from Christy. She knows I write our experiences with the Lord and the things he has been teaching us down in a journal..which has really become handy for when I might forget something and want to look through for remembrance.:) Robby and Liz got me a Top 50 praise songs CD package.It has three disks in it and there are some of my favorite songs on it.All of them are great..but I do have my favorite ones.:) Mama gave me one of her really nice bookshelves.She didn't need it any more since organizing her home...and a book titled.."I'm Trying To Sit At His Feet..But Who's Going To Cook Dinner?" by Cathy Lechner. Mama said that she's really funny. I also got a small box of Chocolate Mints from Melisa, my DIL's ( Liz) sister.:) AND.....I got a Happy Birthday post and a free heart shape/arrow cutting file from my dear friend Barb (Mrs Miles). Her link is in my sidebar...and you can collect it too if you want it.:) Thank you so much Barb for doing this for me.:) I LOVE YOU!!
I also got several birthday greetings from family and friends on Facebook. I was really surprised at how many.LOL My sister and brother called me to wish me a Happy Birthday.My older brother wished it on FB.. Sooo you can see how blessed I felt ALL DAY yesterday.:) For all of you who hoped it would be a GREAT WAS!!! :) Thank you!!

Huge hugs!!


Judy said...

Happy Belated Birthday my friend ...sonds like you were so blessed and girl you are one person who deserves it. Sending tons and tons of love to you ...thanks for always stopping by...and for the encouragement.


Samantha said...

Happy Belated Valinda! So happy to hear you had a wonderful day you deserve it!

Notes by Nina said...

Happy Belated Birthday Valinda :).