Monday, January 09, 2012

Computer virus affecting online banking

Just heard about a really bad computer virus , while listening to Fox news. An Internet security man was telling about it.It affects your online banking account. Mac computers aren't affected by it..just PC users. You actually dwnld it yourself by clicking on phishing links. I wrote down what the man said and here is what he said...

It takes over your computer and actually logs every thing you are doing.It drops files on your hard drive. It's a Post transaction attack..which the time you see what they want you to see ...your bank account has been cleaned out.It actually shows you a fake screen of what is in your account. You are never gonna notice it.

He said the good thing is someone found it and now the anti virus companies can start working on it to alert people to it.
Your whole computer is infected.
If you check on a computer that hasn't been infected by will see the devastation or if you check by the ATM you will see the devastation.

The internet security guy said,..
Don't download anything
keep virus checker up to date
keep operating system up to date
Don't let a link come up telling you that you need to update
You go to the update site to update ...where you will know it is legit.

He also said it hides in your computer and changes it's location every time it is downloaded. He said it is a tough one.:(


Samantha said...

Thank you so much Val for sharing this information.
When will people stop?

Judy said...

thanks for the heads up ....and now I know you are working hard on your Mojo ...just joking. Virus hey ...can't seem to get away from them. Hope your week started off great. Have a great week.