Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Challenge with Barb (Mrs. Miles)

I have entered into a challenge with my dear friend Barb (Mrs.Miles) To stop complaining. She tells all about it and even has a video on her blog about it.:) I will send you there (link in my sidebar) cause she is more informed than I am.:) Me..I just try not to complain and find the good in a situation instead of finding the bad. Funny how you can find yourself starting to complain and then complain..cause you can't complain about it.LOL I have caught myself starting to complain and then laugh about it. :)

I have four adults living here ( Jim,Christy our dd and Jimmy our DS and me) .... and believe me..you can find stuff to complain about. I won't go into details..cause I would then be complaining.;) Let's just say..My friend Barb..will probably win the competition between us.LOL I think it is a great challenge cause we should all do less complaining and instead..do something about the situation we are in ...instead if at all possible. :)

The way we got started on the challenge is I was telling Barb how I had told Christy that with my back out and Christmas coming up ..(I wasn't able to go shopping..cook the meals or even make trips to the restroom by myself..cause I had to get help just to get out of the bed and at times I had to walk right behind Jim holding onto his shoulders as we walked.It was very humbling for me..not to be able to do anything for myself except to lay there on my bed and holler when I needed something.)... that I had decided that since I was in that position ...and it didn't seem to be going to change any time soon..I could either gripe and complain or decide not to and accept the situation that was dealt to me and make the best of it.:) Well..Barb told me about "Stop the World from Complaining" and sent the video to me. I told her it sounded like a great idea and that started the ball rolling and us doing the challenge. I was reminded while laying there on my bed that Paul the Apostle said " I have LEARNED..that whatsoever state I am in..therewith to be content". IF we know that ALL things work together for GOOD to those who LOVE God and are the called according to HIS purpose...then we know that GOOD will come out of it.:)

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Mrs. Miles said...

Hi - hahahaha, I said it!

I'm delighted we are doing this together Valinda. I guess I tried this back in the fall with Nina too though I know I failed. Seems she even bought and sent me a bracelet. I wish I was better at finding things ;) Nina is VERY patient with me losing things and forgetting.

I have an elastic for now, but need to either buy another band or come up with something more practical as I will be crafting and need to put my hair up and vavoom there goes my band in my hair. Does not do me much good up there.

I'm enjoying this challenge and certainly makes me more aware and I'm sure you'll make it too - I know you will. Even if we don't make it to 365 this will make us better people.