Sunday, January 29, 2012

I had a WONDERFUL day yesterday.My 58th Birthday.:) Jim and Christy had to work the day shift.Christy until noon and Jim until around three thirty or four. Jimmy had worked the night before and slept most of the I was pretty much alone in the house. I had my time with the Lord in the morning and he blessed me with his presence. (He is ALWAYS there..but sometimes he makes his presence KNOWN and it was a wonderful morning for me.) That was my best birthday present!! :)
Jim took me out to eat and Robby and family and my Mom met us there.Golden Corral buffet.mmmm :) Christy went with Jim and me and Jimmy had to work. I won't say bummers...cause I am so happy that our family have kept their jobs all through the slowing economy.Thank you Lord!! :)
I got some really great gifts.:) Jim got me a new printer.My older one kept losing wireless connection and it was frustrating to have to delete and reload it every time I wanted to use it. We gave the older one..which was a really nice one to Christy cause she can just plug it in to her computer and skip the wireless option.:) My new printer is HP Photosmart 7510. From what I have been able (had time to) to print..I am really happy with it. :) I got a new nightgown and journal from Christy. She knows I write our experiences with the Lord and the things he has been teaching us down in a journal..which has really become handy for when I might forget something and want to look through for remembrance.:) Robby and Liz got me a Top 50 praise songs CD package.It has three disks in it and there are some of my favorite songs on it.All of them are great..but I do have my favorite ones.:) Mama gave me one of her really nice bookshelves.She didn't need it any more since organizing her home...and a book titled.."I'm Trying To Sit At His Feet..But Who's Going To Cook Dinner?" by Cathy Lechner. Mama said that she's really funny. I also got a small box of Chocolate Mints from Melisa, my DIL's ( Liz) sister.:) AND.....I got a Happy Birthday post and a free heart shape/arrow cutting file from my dear friend Barb (Mrs Miles). Her link is in my sidebar...and you can collect it too if you want it.:) Thank you so much Barb for doing this for me.:) I LOVE YOU!!
I also got several birthday greetings from family and friends on Facebook. I was really surprised at how many.LOL My sister and brother called me to wish me a Happy Birthday.My older brother wished it on FB.. Sooo you can see how blessed I felt ALL DAY yesterday.:) For all of you who hoped it would be a GREAT WAS!!! :) Thank you!!

Huge hugs!!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Mojo Monday 224

Finally!! I have another Mojo Monday card!!:) It took a while for me to get my mind made up about which papers to use. I decided since Valentine's Day is coming up..I would make a Valentine's card.Jim was so funny when he saw this one. He asked me who I was gonna give it to and then immediately said it had better be him since it says "you & me".LOL The stamp is from Studio G.
I don't have a credit for the papers since these were in a paper pack that the cover has disappeared on.:( The ribbon is one from a stash that evidently didn't have the company name written anywhere on it. That is weird!! It is a partially transparent velvet ribbon.The glitter ribbon is from Celebrate it and the Doily Floral ring I cut out on my Silhouette SD machine a while back and stored for future use. This is the future and I used it.LOL I will have to wait until I see it again in the cutting freebies ..cause I forgot where I got it. The decorative design at the top of the velvet ribbon is from a border design.I just cut off one of the designs and it seems to fit perfectly.:) I added a few gems here and there that I picked up from JoAnn's or Michael's during the holiday sales.:) I also got a small plate holder from Michael's to help display my cards for pics.:) This is the closest I could get to the true color of the card.Oh well!!LOL

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Friday, January 13, 2012

Christy's Ink Box-Handmade :)

This is the front of her box..closed with a leather strap.
This is the side of the box with the decorative paper adding even more design to it.:)
This is the box open and showing the colors and labels for each ink pad. Christy has decided she wants to organize her craft area and make her own storage boxes. It sure will take a while though...cause she has sooo many craft items!!! :) I can hardly wait to see what she comes up with next.:)

Thanks for stopping in and for all the lovely comments you have been leaving for us! :)

I still don't have my Mojo Monday card for this week.Jim has been sick with a bad cold and on top of that...HIS back is acting up.With his store inventory and a delivery truck to unload right afterwards and then the cold on top of has gotten him down a bit.This is the second day in a row he has had to leave work early so he could come home because he hasn't felt well.:( I am NOT complaining..just informing.:) Prayers will be greatly appreciated.!! Thank you in advance.:)


Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Christy's Birthday today.:)

This is a poem I wrote to Christy this morning for her birthday.She isn't real happy about the big 35. But her Daddy and I are!!:)

Love you baby!! :)

Monday, January 09, 2012

Computer virus affecting online banking

Just heard about a really bad computer virus , while listening to Fox news. An Internet security man was telling about it.It affects your online banking account. Mac computers aren't affected by it..just PC users. You actually dwnld it yourself by clicking on phishing links. I wrote down what the man said and here is what he said...

It takes over your computer and actually logs every thing you are doing.It drops files on your hard drive. It's a Post transaction attack..which the time you see what they want you to see ...your bank account has been cleaned out.It actually shows you a fake screen of what is in your account. You are never gonna notice it.

He said the good thing is someone found it and now the anti virus companies can start working on it to alert people to it.
Your whole computer is infected.
If you check on a computer that hasn't been infected by will see the devastation or if you check by the ATM you will see the devastation.

The internet security guy said,..
Don't download anything
keep virus checker up to date
keep operating system up to date
Don't let a link come up telling you that you need to update
You go to the update site to update ...where you will know it is legit.

He also said it hides in your computer and changes it's location every time it is downloaded. He said it is a tough one.:(

Jim's Birthday!! :)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY JIM:) I love you more than you can think or say ...forever!! :)

It's really funny how we have little competitions with each other. I will tell Jim I love him..then he tells me he loves me more. day..I told him I love him more infinity and beyond,!! LOL He always comes back with something higher than I thought one day..... I told him that I love him more than anything he can think or say....forever. I rest my case.LOL

Hope Jim feels better as the day goes.He is having sinus problems and not feeling very well at the moment.:(

* Oh..I wanted to tell you that "Just so Scrappy" (link in side bar) is giving away one of her COOL kits..a day at a time for the next ten days. I LOVE Katie's designs...they are always soo FUN!! If interested..just click on her link and scroll down when you get to her blog.:) She also has brag book pages for the kits she has made in the past and if I am correct..the links are still available.:)

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Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Mojo Monday #221 - Better late than never.:)

Whew!! I did it!!!! LOL This card took me several days to complete ..cause of my back trouble...but I finally got it done and am soo happy.:) I want to THANK YOU ALL for your well wishes and prayers and for your encouragement too..cause you are the BEST!!:) Thank you LORD for taking such great care of me and for sending such great friends to me!!!

The papers are from an open stock 4/$1.00 sale at Michael's Craft store. I also used a blue and a while card stock for a portion of the card.I made the yellow flower and the leaves out of cardstock and a decorative scissor. The glass butterfly is a light green which you can see better on the bottom pic.I got it from the dollar bin at Michael's before they raised their prices.hehe I used Fiskar's decorative corner punch for the sentiment area. It has a two sided punch so I used one side on the white and the other on the blue.The sentiment is from a clear set of stamps that somehow got the package cover thrown I can't tell you who made it.:( Sorry..but some of these I had before I knew I would need the credits.KWIM? :)

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Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Challenge with Barb (Mrs. Miles)

I have entered into a challenge with my dear friend Barb (Mrs.Miles) To stop complaining. She tells all about it and even has a video on her blog about it.:) I will send you there (link in my sidebar) cause she is more informed than I am.:) Me..I just try not to complain and find the good in a situation instead of finding the bad. Funny how you can find yourself starting to complain and then complain..cause you can't complain about it.LOL I have caught myself starting to complain and then laugh about it. :)

I have four adults living here ( Jim,Christy our dd and Jimmy our DS and me) .... and believe can find stuff to complain about. I won't go into details..cause I would then be complaining.;) Let's just say..My friend Barb..will probably win the competition between us.LOL I think it is a great challenge cause we should all do less complaining and something about the situation we are in ...instead if at all possible. :)

The way we got started on the challenge is I was telling Barb how I had told Christy that with my back out and Christmas coming up ..(I wasn't able to go shopping..cook the meals or even make trips to the restroom by myself..cause I had to get help just to get out of the bed and at times I had to walk right behind Jim holding onto his shoulders as we walked.It was very humbling for me..not to be able to do anything for myself except to lay there on my bed and holler when I needed something.)... that I had decided that since I was in that position ...and it didn't seem to be going to change any time soon..I could either gripe and complain or decide not to and accept the situation that was dealt to me and make the best of it.:) Well..Barb told me about "Stop the World from Complaining" and sent the video to me. I told her it sounded like a great idea and that started the ball rolling and us doing the challenge. I was reminded while laying there on my bed that Paul the Apostle said " I have LEARNED..that whatsoever state I am in..therewith to be content". IF we know that ALL things work together for GOOD to those who LOVE God and are the called according to HIS purpose...then we know that GOOD will come out of it.:)

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Monday, January 02, 2012

Jim's Christmas present from Christy.:)

Jim is opening one of the drawers and taking a peek.:)

Here is Jim's CHRISTmas present from Christy.:) It's a remote control box!! As you can see..she made several small drawers to hold things we may want to store in them. Pens..3D glasses etc.There is a long drawer on both Jim and my side of the box...and three drawers on the front (see the small drawer pulls ?) There's a metal chain going across the front ..under these drawers.The part on the back is for the remote controls to sit in (upright position). I just LOVE the paper she used for it too!!:) Christy custom fitted it to the table Jim made .There is a black lamp stand attached to the table and Christy even fitted the box to go around it. SOO COOL!!:)

Thank you ALL for the lovely comments you are leaving for Christy and me.:) We sure appreciate your doing that. It's really a great encouragement to us!!

Yesterday the family (Robby and his family,Mom,Tionie ( my sister) my niece and nephew and their kids...came over to eat our traditional New Year's dinner. Ham,black eyed peas, sweet potato souffle',collard greens and cornbread. I also made some Kraft mac and cheese for those who don't like black eyed peas.(mainly the kiddos!!) I did it the easy way since my back is still needing a bit of recovery.:) I had Jim put the ham in the oven for me and take it out to carve it when ready. I used seasoned (canned) collard greens instead of cooking up a bunch ..fresh. The black eyed peas cooked up in a short amount of time and the sweet potato souffle' was just a matter of mixing the ingredients together and placing them in a pan and baking them for 45 min to an hour. Then adding mini marshmallows to the top and browning them under the broiler.:) I used throw away plates and cups and even forks ,spoons and knives.( easy peasy.LOL)Oh..and paper napkins too!!hehe After some of the family ate and said their goodbyes..Robby and his family stayed to help take down and put in boxes the CHRISTmas decorations and then put my regular decorations back up. It sure helped!! Yay Family!! :) Mom is coming over today to help me give the house a good this is a great start to the New Year for me.:) Next week..we start the January birthdays........

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