Thursday, December 29, 2011

Christy's first Turkey Dinner...YUMMY!! :)

For the last couple or three years I have been unable to cook our CHRISTmas dinner because of my ankle and my DIL ..Liz has taken over for us. She is a very good cook and I am happy to have handed that chore over to her.:) Problem is....for years and years I was the one who made our CHRISTmas dinners and we would have several days worth of leftovers for our family to share.Christy misses she decided this try her hand at making all the favorites herself. I supervised and told her how I did it and she followed my instructions and recipes etc. Turkey,dressing,green bean casserole,Mac and cheese,sweet potato soufle',pistachio whip and frozen fruit cake salad,celery and carrots with ranch dressing ,cranberry sauce,dinner rolls and then a chocolate pie for dessert. She tried her own hand and a recipe she found online for the turkey this year.MMMM it was soo moist and flavorful!!! We all raved over how moist and delicious it was.:) Christy made this for us ( Mom was there too) on CHRISTmas eve and then we gathered at Liz and Robby's for CHRISTmas dinner. Liz,Carrie and Melisa all cooked for our meal.I took a Waldorf salad I had made and some dinner rolls for our addition to the meal. Needless to say..we have had leftovers!!!LOL

My back is gradually getting better.Thank you Lord!!! :) Thank you all for your well wishes and prayers too!!I still have to be careful how I turn and bend to pick something up..but it sure feels good to be able to walk again standing up instead of bent over and cringing in pain.:) I was able to go to Shogun's Japanese restaurant Tuesday for Liz's Birthday celebration. Robby,Liz and their whole family ..then Jimmy and I gathered there for lunch. The whole meal including the drinks and entertainment(watching them cook in front of us and show us their talent juggling eggs and spatulas etc) was about ten dollars a piece including the tip.:) It was sooo yummy too!! ( still had leftovers in the fridge at this point) LOL

Yesterday Jim and I had to get another Microwave cause the one we had gotten a little over a week before stopped heating.It would run..but not heat anything up.:( So..took it back and got our money back and then we were in the market for another one and were trying to find somewhere to go to get one.We looked at several online ads and places in the area and Jim looked at a couple of stores when he was out shopping while I rested my back at home. We got ready to go shop again for one yesterday and in the middle of trying to decide where to go..I remembered to consult the Lord. :) I asked him to please lead us to the right place to get one like we wanted and IMMEDIATELY..the word Kenmore came to my mind. Well..the first place we went was to Sears ..cause Kenmore is their product. Jim dropped me off at the door so he could go park and I wouldn't have far to walk. I waited for him and while waiting..walked down the main aisle and saw microwaves at the next turn.:) Jim met me and we walked to where they were and immediately the sales man came to us and we told him what we were looking for.We had measurements of the size we wanted and he led us to a KENMORE that is exactly what we wanted AND the price we wanted!! Thank you LORD!!! :) It is soo much easier when we remember to consult the Lord about things.He's always ready and available.:)

Hope you had a WONDERFUL CHRISTmas and will have a FANTASTIC New Year!!