Thursday, November 17, 2011

Christy's update.

Well..Christy had her appointment with her Doctor this morning. She called me just a few minutes ago to let me know what the Doctor told her. I couldn't go with her because of my back acting up again.:(

Seems since they have already given her two rounds of different antibiotics..the Doctor took blood to test for infection and put Christy on three Advil..three times a day ( to try to bring the swelling down) until she can see an Orthopedist on Monday...because she ..the Doctor..has done everything she knows to do for her and needs to refer her to someone who might know. The Orthopedist deals with the extremities and I guess does more than just the bones. Christy told me her arm doesn't isn't red like it was and it is beginning to itch. I hope the itching part is actually a result of it healing.KWIM? It still leaves an impression in her arm if she pushes it and the impression stays for a while. Doesn't spring back up like it would normally.We think this is from the swelling.

Guess we will know more Monday.Hopefully they will be able to tell us it is mending.:)

Thank you ALL for your thoughts and prayers concerning Christy.WE sure do appreciate your concern!

I do have another prayer request if you wouldn't mind praying for it. My BIL..Jim's sister's husband had an accident Monday before last.The bucket of a
  • Front end loader
  • landed on his foot and crushed the toes and part of his foot.His toes turned completely black and he had to have the crushed parts amputated yesterday.OWWW!! Jim's sister told me they had to remove half of his foot and are waiting to see if any more of his foot has to be removed.Please pray for them.They have been going through SOO much lately.His Mom just passed away a couple of weeks ago from a long painful illness and now this.:( You just never know when something like this will happen.

    Thank you sooo much for your prayers!