Friday, November 11, 2011

Mojo Monday#214

I FINALLY got my Mojo Monday card a card for my Brother's 60th Birthday..which is today.I will show that one tomorrow.:) This card was made almost entirely from Recollections Holiday Tradition paper pad.Christy and I both used our 50% off coupons and we each got a pack!! LOVE those coupons!!! :) The only other things I used is a bow made from ribbon called...Make It Christmas ..that I got from Hobby Lobby this week.:) To make this card I just cut and pieced different papers and placed them where I wanted them. No Stamp needed this time around. All the extras were included in the paper pad. :) How COOL is that?

Well..That is about all I have time at the moment to post...cause I have a Big Birthday Party to go to in just a little over an hour. :)

Thanks for stopping in!!


Happy 60th Birthday Tom!!:)

Just recently my brother ..Tom..had a
  • Cochlear Implant
  • installed into his right ear.My brothers and several members of our family..(my immediate family not included..thank you Lord!) have had hearing loss from nerve damage ..due to high fevers. It's a hit and miss situation.Some of the members of the family get it and some don't. It's hereditary and since their teenage years have had to wear hearing aids.It gradually gets worse as they grow older. My brother ..Tom...the one between my older brother and me...suddenly lost total hearing in his right ear recently.

    He opted to get the implant and just this last week he was able to have the outer part attached to the inner ever they do that.:) After the surgery.The surgeon said Tom was "hard headed"..hehe I can't remember how long Tom had to wait for the surgery site to heal before he could have the outer part of the implant attached and be able to find out how well he will hear from that ear. He said he is doing really well with it now and seems to be thrilled to be able to hear again in that ear.YAY!! Praise the Lord!! What better birthday present could he get? :)

    I want to wish Tom a VERY HAPPY 60th BIRTHDAY and say..I think your wish has come true already!!:) I LOVE YOU!!