Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Prayer request for Christy.

About a month ago..Christy got bitten by a cat someone brought in to the clinic to get checked.It was an outside cat with really itchy ears.Christy had a towel around it's body to prevent any scratches...and while reaching for an ear swab..the cat sunk it's teeth into her other arm... right forearm. She had to actually pull it off of her.:( She washed it and medicated it really well..and then went to one of those instant medical places and the Doctor there looked at it...for about two minutes and gave her a prescription for antibiotics.One a day for seven days. In the meantime..Christy's arm began to swell really bad and was hot to the touch.She finished the medication that Doctor had given her and was waiting a couple of days to see if the swelling would go down.As it continued to be swollen and aching..and generally feeling ...as she said..WEIRD ..she finally went to our family physician and she..the DOC..put Christy on a larger dose of an antibiotic...plus..today she has to have a ct scan to see if there is infection in her muscle.If there is and they can't get rid of it with the medication..Christy will have to have surgery to remove the infection.Here is where the prayer request comes in.:) Please pray!!
Thank you so much!!