Monday, November 07, 2011

Christy's CUTE Journal!!:)

This first set of pics is the Cover to the Journal and the first few pages. I just LOVE how they flip up and out to show more and more surprises.The papers sticking up and out are for Journaling. Some are embossed and when you turn them over..there are lines for Journaling.SO CUTE!! :)

There are tags for adding pics or Journaling too. You choose.:)

This one shows before the page is opened and then after. I took the pics as I was sitting in my recliner letting my back rest.(been having some trouble with it again.) The and yellow quilt is a small one Christy made for me several years ago.:) She later made a larger one for me..that I have hanging in my bedroom on a quilt rack that Jim made for it.:)

Here are the last few pages of the Journal.The back cover looks just like the front only the I didn't put it on here. I'm not sure if Christy is finished with this or if she might come up with some other CUTE things to add to it.:) Either way..if she decides to give it away..someone will be extremely happy to receive it!!

I don't have a list of all the things she used in making this...but I do know she used Once Upon A Time paper pack that she purchased from Micheal's Craft store. She also used a Martha Stewart punch for the corners of her papers etc. For the stamped titles..she used..a stamp we got for $2.00 at Big Lots..if I am not mistaken.Looks like she did some embossing on it too.:)

Thanks so much for stopping in and I hope you will leave a comment for Christy before you leave.I would LOVE to know what you think of her Journal.:)