Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Christy's Domino Pendants :)

I asked Christy if I could post her latest project on my blog.She said it would be okay with her.So..here it is.:) She is making Domino Pendants!! This is a box of Domino's that she got from Jim's store the other day.It has a set of thick domino's and is in it's own pretty wooden box. Christy collects boxes ,Jewelry boxes etc and when she saw this one at Jim's store..she couldn't resist it...cause it had the domino's AND the pretty box too.:)

This pendant ..she decorated the flower using a sticker and Sakura Glaze Gel Pens and the background she designed using Ranger Alcohol Inks.

This one she decorated using Stickers, Sakura Glaze Pens, Pigment markers and Slick Writer markers. She covered the top with a crackle medium with black paint and then wiped it off ..leaving the ink in the cracks. There is a glare from the camera on the top part of this one...but in person..it is as pretty as the bottom part.:)

This one she used stickers, Sakura glaze pens and black pigment marker.

This one she used the same products as the above but covered it with the Diamond Glaze to finish it off.:)

A couple of them she used a stamp on it and then painted them. They are the butterfly and the lady bug. ( you can see them in the box ) :)

Aren't these SOOO PRETTY?:) Hope I get at least one of them this Christmas.:)

Thanks for looking and please leave a comment for Christy if you don't mind.:)