Sunday, September 25, 2011

Clear Stamp Storage :)

I was needing a way to organize my clear stamps a couple of months ago and asked Christy what I could do.She suggested base ball card inserts. They work perfectly for the smaller clear stamps like Studio G. You have to adjust the size of the stamp covers(the clear plastic that is on the front and back of the stamps to keep them from sticking to stuff) KWIM? I cut the top of the paper that shows what company made them and slip it behind the I will be able to tell which one when I leave credits for them. I also cut a white card stock to place between the front and back to separate the two stamps that fit in the one slot.:) Whew..this isn't easy to explain.LOL Any way...I can fit two sets of stamps into each card slot ..(facing back to back with a white card stock between them).This way..when I open the book..I see the front side of the stamps selection and when I turn the page...there is a whole other set of stamp selections.KWIM? For the larger stamps ..Christy gave me some page covers for a three ring binder.:) You can see that in the top photo. The stamps shown loose are the $2.00 specials I got from Big Lots.They have a home in this book also.:)
I was really fortunate to find an extremely LARGE three ring binder book from Goodwill.(they have the larger ringed ones most of the time) It has the huge rings and I knew exactly what I wanted to use it for.:) It also has two sets of slots on the inside covers ..front and back. I slid some of the larger sets of stamps into those.
This is only the clear stamps I have gotten throughout my many travels to Micheal's Craft store and Hobby Lobby and their dollar bins and 40% off sales.LOL I need blinders when passing those.hehe This is not to show you all the stuff I got..but how I was able to store them and easily pick out the ones I want to use at any time.:)

What ways have you come up with to organize your craft items? I would LOVE to know.:)

I can remember when the kids were younger and times were hard..that Jim would give me six dollars a week to go to the thrift stores to spend any way I wanted to. :) That was my "fun money"...and I LOVED getting it.:) I had always wondered how people could fill their cupboards with so many nice dishes and glasses..bowls etc. Well..I learned that most of the time you can get really NICE ,inexpensive things from the thrift stores and flea markets and all they needed was a good cleaning.No chips on them etc. It took a while to get the cupboards filled and these days..I am in need of more cupboard space.:) It was soo FUN to go searching for the things to fill my a treasure hunt.KWIM? Each week was like a new adventure. :) stamp collection accumulated in the same way.It took a while but I had such FUN looking for the ones I didn't have already.:) The prices have gone up to $1.50 a piece this last my adventures will slow down now.:)