Monday, September 19, 2011

Mojo Monday #207 Christy's and Mine :)

The card above is Christy's "first" Mojo Monday card. She did it all by herself. Well..I was in the room doing my card while she was doing hers.:) I think she did an EXCELLENT job on it!! She added some glitter to it and did some of her own designs with a silver or white marker pen.She did a lot of distressing with her special inks etc. I tried to get her to post it to her blog..but she said her blog is a I can put it on mine.:) I do it with pleasure!! I will have to find out all that she used and then post it later.It's after eleven and my bedtime.:)

This is mine. I told Christy that you can pretend I did a handmade sewing job around the edges since it turned out a little messy.LOL I used some papers that were laying around loose from their I can't tell you who made them. The sentiment and jack o lantern is from The Paper Studio's All Seasons Chipboard Bundle. Christy let me use some of her spider web boarder stickers.I don't know who made those either..but if you just HAVE to know..I can find out.:) I used a clear stamp for the spider.Will find out more about who's designs they are and add to my post.