Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Christy's Completed Picture!

Christy's Newest Art Work! :)

Here is the beginning Sketch Christy first showed me.

The second Sketch she added volume to her hair and added clothing and a few shadows.:)

This is what she said about the last pic ..when she posted it to Face book....

"using colored pencils to color her...started working on the hair, but resigned for now because I'm not happy with the color...but like the eyes" :)

All I can say is...WOW! I Love to see her creative side in action!!:)

On another note...
I finally have the dining room table cleared of paperwork!! YAY! Now it's just my scrapbook and card supplies etc that I use most of the time. :) I still have the closet to organize again. Seems that is a never ending job..but today I have plans with Jimmy (oldest son) and Christy.(DD) to go see a movie. It's Tuesday and at the local NCG theater ..only $6.00 all day.Unless it's a 3D..then it's nine.:) If..they haven't gone up since my last visit there.:) Gotta start getting ready for my day...