Friday, September 09, 2011

Taking a couple of days off.:)

Good morning:)
I am SOOO behind in organizing my paper work. You know..filing receipts and putting papers in the proper files in the filing cabinet..throwing away junk mail...although I have gotten better at that! I have started going through my mail at the trash can.hehe ..but lately...I have had sooo much going on that I haven't had the time to do anything much except take the bills out.KWIM? I was able to go through a small amount the other day and throw away some outdated coupons and old newspapers that our local town mails out. (info about activities that are going on around town) which are interesting if you get the time to examine the paper.LOL * Note to self..put newspaper next to the toilet..LOL TMI? *snort!
I just really need to concentrate a couple of days on doing some of those type of things..or I am gonna have to call in some help..JK.:) I am not a paperwork type of person...when I was a Bakery Manager..the hardest part for me was to sit down and do the paperwork.I know it's an important part..very important..and I did it..but would much rather be out in the Bakery...baking and decorating cakes! LOVED getting into that part.:) I worked in the Bakery for seven years and a couple of those later ones I was a Bakery Manager. When they closed the store I was working in..(Ingle's grocery chain was moving out of the state of Georgia and closed down most of the smaller stores)... they transferred me into one of the mega stores (because that was the only place left for me since they had already transferred employees from the previous stores that closed down.) again...something I had a hard time doing since the main freezers were on the opposite side of the store and I couldn't keep walking back and forth to them to get and put the products from/in them etc...because of my bad ankle. This was the same store I had quit from..because I couldn't keep up with the walking part.( Every afternoon when we came home from work...Jim would have to get a large pan of hot water for me to soak my foot and ankle in ..just to relieve the pain a little). There were a lot of tears and I finally had to just quit. It wasn't Jim making me was me..I LOVED what I did.:) That creative part of know? :)
I didn't want to be bored staying at home and had asked the Lord to help me ..not to be bored.That is when I discovered digital scrapbooking!!!:) Then I discovered that I really liked the paper scrapping and card making etc too... so I didn't miss the creative part of me..I just moved it into a different area.:) I don't think I have had a boring moment since.hehe make this short..TOO LATE!! :) I am planning to make myself do this other..uncreative stuff and do some sorting...and what better time to do it..than when Mojo Monday is taking a break. :)
Be back soon!!