Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Happy Birthday Jimmy!! :)

Today is my oldest son's 37th Birthday.WOW do I feel old.LOL I am gonna be a busy bee making cheese cake with cherry pie filling on top (his request) and a Birthday cake for those who can't eat cheesecake (Christy is lactose intolerant. Bummers! ) He also requested Taco Salad and to have the whole family over to eat it with him. Sure hope I got enough stuff for it.:)

We had some major storms come in yesterday but most of the damage was done to the east of us. We got wind and rain mostly.Our electricity didn't even go out. Praise the Lord!! Robby..our youngest son and his family spent the evening with us during the storm.:) It's really nice to know where your kids are during bad weather.:) There was a report of a tornado touching down in our town by the college...but I don't see any news about it yet.
Here's a link to our local online news ...if you would like to see a slide show of the damage in our area.
  • storm damage

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