Thursday, August 11, 2011

Family Resemblance.:)

I kept saying to people ..that Tom (my brother) looked so much like Grandpa Cunningham and I would get a funny look really???? Well..thought I would stress the point a bit.LOL Do you agree..he is a chip off the old block?:)

I put this on Facebook and those that saw it and commented..agreed with me.:) I LOVE being right.LOL

I used Laney Coppercurls paper and
  • Barb Derksen's
  • Dove overlay.
    I can't remember who made the glasses..but I made the lenses and the rest of the elements.The font is Park Avenue.:)

    Most of you know my friend Barb as
  • Mrs.Miles
  • and I know she would LOVE to have you stop by for a visit.She has recently opened a freebie vault with her past and current freebies too.:)Stop in..say hi and stay a while!!