Sunday, August 07, 2011

Update again.:)

Hello friends:)
Just wanted to give you an update on my back. I am still moving around slowly. I am not bed ridden any more..YAY..but am avoiding bending down or leaning over etc.My back muscles are still a bit weak and protest if I stand or sit too long. Hopefully it will get better day by day and soon I can get back into my regular routine...whatever that is.LOL There is soo much I want to do and am having to put it on the back burner.:( Pretty soon I will need another stove if I don't start catching up.hehe
My dear friend (Mrs Miles) told us (on her in sidebar) about a new cutting machine she had gotten and Jim ...who treats me like a me one for our Anniversary!! How COOL is that?:) Problem is..I can't spend as much time learning about it cause I have to get back on the ice pack too often.I am gonna watch You Tube video tutorials though and by the time I get better..I should have a bit more knowledge under my belt.YAY!! It's really a COOL machine and once I learn it..I will be able to have IT cut out all the CUTE elements and flowers etc..that I have collected ..and even doodles!! It's perfect for my cards and Hybrid projects..paper scrapping etc. it does a lot more than just paper too.It does fabrics!! If you would like to read and see more about it..please visit Mrs Miles blog.(link in sidebar) The machine is called Silhouette SD. I know I will surely feel the expected excitement about it..when I am actually able to spend more time with it!! Oh....and out of pain!:)
Mrs.Miles has been a HUGE help in getting me introduced to it and she has even offered cut outs to go with the png files for those who don't have the machine....on her blog.SWEET!!!:) Thank you so much my friend!!

Jim is such a HUGE help soon as I told him I wanted one..he went exploring about it and spent a LOT of time online watching tutorials he could help me to learn it quicker.The company has a download that you can get ...before you ever even receive the machine..and it is just like the program.You can learn every step you need to know...before you receive your machine!!! COOL!! I am still gonna pick my dear friend..Mrs. Mile's brain though..cause she has "on hand" knowledge of how to use it!!:) I think she is just as excited for me to learn it as she was!! What a FRIEND!!:) I would love to be a fly on her wall!!LOL

I am gonna be testing my back out this evening.Jim and I didn't get a chance to celebrate our 40th Anniversary last Monday because of my back trouble.He asked me if I thought I could sit long enough to get that yummy steak from
  • Texas Roadhouse for supper this evening...I am definitely gonna try it out. We can always get it to go if I decide I can't sit there long enough.Right? :) They sure make everything look yummy on that ad page.LOL ..but it IS that Yummy!!! :)