Monday, July 25, 2011

$2.00 sale at Big Lots

I love a sale!!!:) Christy and I went to Big Lots first today and we got quite a few things for only $2.00 a piece... including Ocean Spray Cranberry juice 64 oz size.:) I got four and they are the ones with a September sell by date on them. You have to watch and make sure the dates are on them cause there were quite a few that the dates had mysteriously disappeared on. Just sayin! :)
Christy has one more day of her vacation left after today. It's been really great to have both Jim and Christy off at the same time.Jim had to go back to work today though.:( Guess it will be back to the old grind after tomorrow ... Hey ...Jim is off again on Wednesday!!! COOL! :)
Thanks for stopping in!! I love your visits!:)

Hugs ,