Saturday, July 23, 2011

Georgia Aquarium

This is a pic of an Otter "fleaing" another Otter.:) It was fleaing the other Otter..while the other Otter was fleaing it at the same time.:) The pic I took of the two of them together turned out blurry.:(

This is an Albino Alligator. It didn't much care if we took a pic or not.It wasn't gonna move!!:)

This is one of the saddest looking fish I have ever seen.Guess it's all dressed up and nowhere to go.:(
Jim said this is either a stone crab or spider crab.Not sure and we can't remember what the sign told us.
A Swordfish and a Shark swimming side by side. This is in the tunnel. LOVE this!

This is in the Big Aquarium room.One whole wall is glass so you can see the fish etc swimming right up in front of you.:)

We had a nice leisurely time just walking around the Aquarium and watching the different species of fish etc.:)

Thanks for stopping in and if you have time..please say hi before you leave.:)