Thursday, June 16, 2011


I have had a few rough days and have slowed down some on blogging. Here's why...Some of you know that I fell up the stairs a little over a week ago.I was bringing groceries into the house when ...right at the last step onto the main floor...Christy's cat ran right in front of me and my body was already headed to the top floor.:( I fell hard on both of my knees...hands full of grocery bags....and gradually my back became out of alignment.All the way to my neck and I started having headaches again.So....I went to the Chiropractor Monday and he adjusted me.I felt much better after that but was soo sore..I rested and kept ice on my back and neck. I took it easy on Tuesday.
Before the trip to the Chiropractor...I had been getting some much needed Dental work done.I had an appointment with the Dentist yesterday and it was decided to pull the bad tooth...and then eventually....after it heals...get a partial that will fill all the gaps (have had a couple other teeth pulled before) on the bottom row.:) I was told..since I get dry socket really baby it yesterday and to not bend forward or allow my blood pressure to go up. This would keep the blood clot from coming loose and coming out of the socket.Which is what a dry socket is. Jim is THE BEST thing that has happened to me besides Jesus saving me.:) He wouldn't allow me to do ANYTHING yesterday after the tooth was pulled.:) He made a casserole and an apple cobbler for our supper (with a few instructions) and even served it to me.:) Every time I would get up to do something...he would tell me I am suppose to be resting.... "I'll do that". He even cleaned the kitchen up and got the dishes running in the dish washer for me. Every time I would get the mirror to see how my socket was looking..he would say "Leave it alone"!! Bossy thing!!!!LOL He told me he just didn't want me to get dry socket. How SWEET is that? :)
The gum hurts some today from the tooth being pulled..but so signs of a dry socket!! YAY!! :) Thank you LORD!! and my honey too!!:)

If you got this far ...thank you soo much for taking the time to read...that means you are interested in what I have to say....and that means a LOT to me.:)