Saturday, May 21, 2011

Mother's Day..I know..I am late.:)

I wanted to share with you what the kids and Jim got me for Mother's Day. I know I am late with them..but the days just seemed to ZOOM by....except for this week. I got sick early Monday morning around three a.m. and it didn't let up for three or four days. You know when you get that virus that makes you nauseated and you need to eat to keep from feeling that way all day? Well...that's what I had.:( Sure hope that one decides to skip the rest of the family!! NOT FUN!!
Christy got this gift certificate for me and a beautiful card.:) I have already spent the whole thing cause she took me shopping with her too.LOL How do you like my copy of it?hehe

Robby and Jimmy got flowers for me.The bunch on the left is from Robby and the one on the right from Jimmy. LOVE them...although I have no idea what some of them are.Jimmy got a box of chocolates and made a card for me too.:) I painted out personal things that I didn't want everyone to my paint program!! Keep in mind this was Mother's Day and the house was full of people..and stuff.LOL

Jim asked me what I wanted for Mother's Day...and I said a sewing machine.:) Not a big huge fancy one ..cause I am not a seamstress by any means.Just one that had a few COOL stitches and that I could actually lift and carry by myself..This last request was very important to me..because..with my older one..ancient was SOOO heavy I had to have Jim or one of the boys carry it to the dining table..and back to the closet ...since all the rooms in the house are occupied one way or the other and there is NO room for a sewing machine to stay put for the ready.KWIM? He did me proud!!LOL I had the case from my old machine and this new one fit in it perfectly.:) I can carry it by myself and when I get a chance to actually sit down and see how it works...I will most likely LOVE it even more.:)
I saw this sewing kit in my files this morning and I KNEW just what I wanted to use it for too!!!:) It was perfect for a layout of my new sewing machine. I got the kit from Crazy 4 Monograms (link in my sidebar) If you haven't been to her are really missing a treat!! She has really CUTE kits and she just gave away a free set of alpha monograms.WOW!! You really need to go take a look.:)

Hope everyone has a FANTASTIC weekend!!