Thursday, May 12, 2011

Sidewalk completed.:)

This is a pic of the area Jim will be working on next.He plans a hexagon concrete pad and a hexagon picnic table with matching benches.I KNOW it will look really nice.:)

Our finished patio.:) You see the hedge in the background.It wasn't there a few years ago. Jim planted three bushy bushes..can't spell the that area so we wouldn't be able to look down the hill onto the neighbor's patio and they wouldn't be able to look up into our yard and observe everything we do. Makes it more cozy that way.:) LOVE IT!!

Last concrete step..finished yesterday.:) Jim plans a trellis and gate for this corner. (neighbors let their dogs run loose and there IS a leash law in our neighborhood) and they LOVE dumping in our yard..if you know what I mean.PU...LOL We have never had words with them about their dogs and when the trellis is up..that should take care of the situation.:) I have always loved trellis's anyway.LOL

Steps going down the side much easier than trying not to slip on the Georgia clay.:) After Jim completes the backyard projects..we will pressure wash the house and the deck and steps etc.No sense doing it right now ..seeing he has more mess to make.LOL

Christy has decided to try her hand at growing veggies etc.This is the beginning. She asked Jim to build her a place to plant carrots and beans and you see the "troth" at the bottom of the steps.There is a door to the right that leads into the garage and the water hose is right on the front corner of the house.Convenient for her.:) you know what we have been up to lately..besides Dental appts and now..Friday..we will have to replace the air conditioner...cause it is fifteen years old and the life expectancy for it is only twelve years.We got our money's worth.:)
It may be a while before Jim is able to complete that hexagon pad.We'll see.:) My Mom LOVES the steps up the side yard.That is the way she prefers to come into the house.Jim made the steps longer than most you only have to step up..or down..once in a don't need railing that way.:)

Thanks for stopping in to take a look.:) LOVE your visits!!