Saturday, April 30, 2011

Welcome Little One -card

Here is a card I just made for my Nephew and Niece.They are expecting their third child this coming week. If my Niece doesn't go into labor before Tuesday..she will be induced that day.Just thought I would get a card ready.:) When I saw this little wagon..I just knew this was the right kit to Nephew's transmission in his car blew and they now take the little ones to the store etc in a big red wagon.They are close enough that it isn't a hardship and the little ones really love being taken in the wagon.:) They don't want to know what gender the baby is going to be until they are surprised.That is why I put "Welcome little one".:) Oh..this one is completely digital. Easier and faster that way.LOL
I just LOVE this kit and wish the designer had put her blog address in the terms of use.I would LOVE to give her proper credit!! I am almost certain that she is the one that is going out of business and gave a bunch of her kits away recently.If you know the designer..would you please leave the info in the comments for me? I would truly appreciate it!:)

Thanks for stopping in and I sure hope you will say hi before you leave.:)