Thursday, April 28, 2011

We are doing okay!!!:)

  • Storm Damage

  • Just checking in to let my family and friends know that we are doing fine after that horrific storm that came through last night.:) Robby (my youngest son) and his family spent the day and over night with us. All we got personally was some rain and wind.Thank you Lord!! We spent the evening in the living room gathered around the television watching the weather reports and watching where the tornadoes were going. There was an awful amount of damage done in the surrounding counties and we are just finding out this morning some of the damage that was done. It's hard to believe that over 178 people have been killed from these storms yesterday. There were around 150 tornadoes in this storm.WOW!! It seemed the storms just went around us.We were expecting the tail end to come to our town when Jim and I decided to go to bed.If it came...we didn't know it.LOL
    I pray for the families who have been affected by the storms damage and the deaths of their family and friends. This one was a biggy.:(