Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Mojo Monday #187

I FINALLY got the Mojo Monday Card made.Whew!! (wiping brow).LOL I got the photo as good as I could.The back ground blue and the scallop border design are not as different in color as this pic shows.Really!!:)
I decided that since I didn't have any ribbon on hand that would go with the colors I chose for the card..that I would use my string yarn again.:) Maybe I should look at my ribbon first from now on?hehe I did do a couple things different and I think it helped.I did the layers of the card first and then put the card together.It helped ..because..I didn't already have it glued and then realize I hadn't wrapped the ribbon around the correct layer.Been there..done that before.LOL

Paper= Candy Blossoms paper pack
Scallop border is from Martha Stewart border punch
Flower= A purple fabric flower ..back layers only... then I added a white fabric flower on top of that ..then I added a paper flower I made to the center.:)
Stamp= I can't remember where I got it or who it belongs to.I threw the package away.:(
Ink is from Scrapability..it's purple.:)

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