Friday, April 15, 2011

Eighty Two and ....LOOK AT YOU!!:)

Today is my Mama's 82nd birthday.She is sooo pretty!! Would you believe my Mama was praying for a way to get more income a couple of months ago and the Lord opened up a door at Bojangles for her?Here's how it worked out....The manager at Bojangles told one of his employees that he wanted an elderly person to work the dining room and to welcome people as they came in and also to mingle with them while they are there.If they want to chat with some of them..this person would be allowed to sit with them while they eat if they would like them to and all they would have to do as far as their job is to keep the dining room clean.They would not be allowed in the kitchen area because of the greasy floors etc. This employee told her Mother about it and her Mother said she knew just the person to do it.She contacted my Mom and asked her if she would be interested and Mom said yes....So she put in an application and now..she works about five or six days a week and her job is to keep the dining area clean...and to mingle with the customers and make them feel welcome.She is allowed to sit with them while they eat and if they want to chat she can do that.She keeps an eye on the tables and when customers leave she cleans up after them. You would not believe my Mama is eight two years old.:) How many eighty two year olds do you know who have a job and LOVE it!?:) If it can be Mama..with the Lord's help..can do it!!hehe Thank you so much my Lord for making the impossible..possible.:)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MAMA!! May you have many more to come.:)