Saturday, March 12, 2011

Hillsong - still

I thought this song would be appropriate considering the tragic events from the earthquake and tsunami in Japan yesterday.No matter what is going on around us..if we KNOW that GOD is in CONTROL of EACH and EVERY situation.We can have PEACE!


Forgot to show the inside of the card.:)

I laid a piece of cardstock over my signature at the bottom.Forgot to take the pic before I signed it.:)
This should have come last..since the outside of the card is in my last post.If you would like to see the card...please scroll down.:)
The baby shoes are from Scrap & Tubes.
Wordart is a Baby Shower Quote

Baby Shower Card

We're going to a baby shower today.My Nephew and his wife are expecting their third child in May.:) I worked on this card yesterday along with my Nephews Birthday card.They are going to celebrate both events this afternoon.
I found a better light that wouldn't show shadows when I take a pic of the cards..but..I think it is too bright.KWIM? This card has a little stronger colors to it on this side of the camera lens.:) My Nephew and Niece are waiting to find out which gender the baby is...on the day it is I had to make a card that would do for either. I recolorized the pads of the baby bears feet and inside the ears to match the background paper.

Background paper is from a digital kit by LilyBelle called "Brand New Baby".
Stitched corners =CZS Baby Kit.-no longer available.:(
Baby Bottle = My Baby Kit by Scrap & Tubes
Baby of Mine corner WA =JeanC179
Bear = Momma and Baby_SF
Ribbon is from the dollar bin ...Micheal's Craft store.
Tag=Raspberry Road's Vintage baby kit-I did a burn around the edges
Wordart=I think it was a quote from Baby Shower Quotes
Font=Melanie ??

Thanks for stopping in and thank ALL of you for your wonderful comments!! Makes me very happy.:)