Friday, March 04, 2011

Sweet Sixteen Card...shhhh:)

I made a sweet 16 card that I thought was SWEET..:) My grand daughter...Carrie will be sixteen this month and this pink card is NOT her.... LOL

Now...this is more like it.hehe. Since she doesn't come to my blog ..that I am aware of..I can go ahead and show you what I have done. The design for the card is not mine.I saw it on another blog..and will have to look it up if you want the url to it.I did the layout..but used completely different papers and elements etc.I LOVE the way it turned out..but all those the embossing..takes be prepared if you try this.:)
I cut the flower and the paisley design out of a paper in this pack.( Miss Elizabeth's Paper Pack-Girls Rock). I used some gems from the bag of gems Christy had given me a while back. I used my paint program to do the word art tag and used the font-Park Avenue.Then I used my decorative scissors that have a staggered you thought I was a little tipsy?LOL

I bought some string yarn from Big Lots a week or so ago and knew it would come in handy one day.It was only a I took the chance.:) I found out afterwords..that I should have made it a little tighter around the embossed paper..but wasn't willing to go back several layers to correct it.hehe...hey..I'm not selling it!! LOL I don't have an embossing machine I have the Fiskar's embossing sheets that you have to use the stylist thingy to make each and every one of those squares yourself.Okay..I cheated..I only did around the edges since it isn't showing under the other layer.hehe I am discovering shortcuts as I go.:) I also see something since posting this that I must do..that flower needs a gem in the center..don't you think? :)

Thanks for stopping by for a peek and hope you stay long enough to say hi.:)