Friday, February 18, 2011

Wow..three posts in one day !!!

Yay...I am ahead on a project.It's not Mother's Day yet and I have a card done already!!! :) Can you tell I am liking this layout?LOL

The circular design is from a pack of paper party doilies Christy gave me a while back.I wasn't sure how I would use them in my scrapping..but I now have an idea.hehe It is a pack of 100 doilies with a 4 1/2 " measurement.
The ribbon on the blue card is called Meadow Flowers and I got it in the dollar bin at Micheal's craft store.The dotted pink ribbon didn't have the name of the company on it and I also got it from the dollar bin at Micheal's.
The accent jewels are from a sandwich bag full of them that Christy gave to me a while back too.All different colors and sizes..WOOT!! :)
Credits for the paper is gonna be hard.The cover for the pack of paper left a long time ago.Back when I first started paper scrapping.I used the back cardboard as a place to glue my stuff so the over flow wouldn't ruin my table top.KWIM? It's been longggg gone too.:)

Thanks again for stopping in! I LOVE your visits.:)
I forgot to show you this in the last post.(don't miss scrolling down and seeing my beautiful roses opened up.):) This is a "breakfast in bed" tray. I call it that...because I can't think of the correct name for it.LOL This is what I use to do my scrap booking/card making on. The reason I use it is..because I am TALL....5'8":) I started out with just using the table top..but noticed my back wasn't happy after a little while of bending over and then back up when working on my projects.So..I just HAD to find something to raise the project up a little and this tray is PERFECT!! It is easily folded and stored out of sight when not being has a top that is washable and ...the sides keep stuff from falling all over the place.YAY!! Have you got any COOL things you have done to make your projects easier to do?

Valentine's Roses have opened up!:)

Love it when they open and just seem to get prettier and prettier!

This is Christy's cat...Meowse. She loves to get involved in all of my activities.I can NOT keep her off of the table no matter how many times I remove her from there. This is where I work on my scrapbooks and cards and she really loves to supervise.LOL Guess I may as well take a pic of her inspecting my roses.LOL ( I am just soo thankful..she hasn't discovered the kitchen counter tops.) :)

Wow...she really is curious!! LOL She spent a good five minutes checking the roses over and then tried to eat a leaf...that ended the inspections and the roses were moved back onto the kitchen counter top where she won't mess with them..cause she hasn't discovered the kitchen counter tops yet.hehe

Thanks for stopping by..and please don't forget to say hi.:)