Saturday, February 12, 2011

Some Christmas Eve Brag Book Layouts!:)

This is Carrie...our oldest Grand daughter.She has ALWAYS loved Elmo.:) I believe Christy got one for her.

This is Alexis..our middle Grand daughter.She wanted an easy bake oven for Christmas.She put it on her list and ended up with two.Instead of trading one in for another present...she said she will give the extra one to Destiny..(her sister) and our youngest Grand daughter..because it was on her list too! How Sweet!:)

This is Jim with Alexzander.The newest member of our family.:) My DIL's sister's baby.I thought this was such a sweet picture of the two of them. It shows the softer side of my sweet hubby.:)

Christy got a knitting kit from my Mom for Christmas.She didn't waste any time trying it out.You can see the knitted cap she made shortly after receiving the kit.:) I think she can do just about anything you put into her hands.:)

This is a "Special" present from Christy to her Grandma Razor (My Mom). Please click on the pic to see a larger closeup of it.I think she did an excellent job on it and as we knew she Mom just LOVES it.:) It is a story board type of thing. The life of Christ starting with his birth and ending with his reign on earth as the King of Kings.:) So COOL!:)

Now for the credits...:)

The COOL bragbook pages are from Just So Scrappy's "Holly Days" kit. She gives ten brag book pages away for just about every kit she has made.I absolutely LOVE her stuff!!!:) Her link is in my sidebar.

The COOL red alpha is from...Delicious in side bar....and it is her "Felt" alpha.I just loved it and knew it was perfect for these pages.:)

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