Sunday, January 30, 2011

My birthday was this last Friday.Jan.28. and I am fortunate to have lived another year!!YAY!! LOL I am 57 now and those wrinkles that were hiding just under the skin..have decided to betray me and pop out for all the world to see.hehe I have had a wonderful 57 years and most of them are with my wonderful,sweet,treat me like a Princess..husband.This coming Aug.1 we will have been married for forty years!! WOW! time sure flies when you are having fun.:)
Do you see the beautiful elements pack my Dear,sweet, friend ...
  • Barb
  • (Mrs.Miles) has left us to celebrate my birthday? Isn't this amazing?!!! She has a beautiful poem on her blog for me too.Please go take a look the poem and collect this fantastic gift she has left there for us.:)
    Thank you soo much Barb!! It made me cry when I saw it and it has touched my heart deeply that you would take the time to do this for me. How SWEET! I pray a SPECIAL blessing for you my friend!!:)