Saturday, December 31, 2011

My Christmas Present from Christy.:)

I saw this Tim Holtz case in a magazine sometime before Christmas and told Christy.."You can make this one for me." :) At the time..I was kinda like..that is a hard one for her to do. NOT!!
Look what she made me for CHRISTmas!!:) She even put several cuddlebug embossing folders in it for me.The unopened ones are the new ones she had in this box for me.I LOVE IT!!!:)
It is just the right size to hold the embossing folders AND the plates.:) My GIRL...talkin bout My GIRL!!!!:)

I had a WONDERFUL CHRISTmas!! Not just because of the gifts ...but the LOVE of my family helping me during the time of my "aching" back.!! :) They are soo SWEET!!

Tomorrow ..if I remember ..I will show you what Christy made Jim for CHRISTmas.:) You have GOT to see this too.:)

Happy New Year!!!!


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Samantha said...

Happy New year Valinda!

Ok so all I have to say is WOW! Christy is so talented...why is she not designing her own line of stuff?.....she is absolutely amazing.
Great job Christy!